Luxurious bathing fit for the Queen . . . or King of the castle

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    As a venue that prides itself on offering its guests the last word in luxury and indulgence, Bovey Castle Hotel and Spa in Devon has naturally chosen a StoneKAST limestone freestanding bath for one of its individually designed Grand State suites.Looking right at home in Room 60 of the five star hotel located in the heart of Dartmoor’s National Trust Park, the Ovale bath from StoneKAST makes a stunning first impression as guests arrive in their accommodation and offers a luxuriously inviting way to relax after a day spent exploring the Devonshire countryside.

    Every item of furniture, art and linen in the hotel’s four Grand State suites has been chosen specifically to complement the luxurious hospitality of these lavish retreats. Offering a bathing experience that is as breathtakingly relaxing as the country estate in which it is situated, StoneKAST’s Ovale bath has a natural beauty and organic elegance that help it blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

    Made from recycled and refined limestone composite, the Ovale bath also has superior heat retaining qualities, enabling Bovey Castle’s guests to enjoy a long, hot soak without the hotel itself using up vast amounts of energy.

    These practical factors, combined with Ovale’s unquestionable aesthetic appeal are what led the design team at Bovey Castle to specify it for the recent refurbishment project. Natialie Clark-Medina, from the hotel, explains: “During the hotel’s refurbishment, we searched for a statement piece that would be the main feature in a large modern bathroom.

    “The individuality and luxurious appeal of the hotel are matched by the design of the StoneKAST Ovale bath, which is modern and beautiful. Even within a period property, the Ovale still looks warm and inviting.”

    For more information about StoneKAST visit or call 0845 504 0474.

    Daniel Fountain / 02.07.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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