Louvre Hotels Group signs partnership agreement for development of 26 co-branded hotels

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    Louvre Hotels Group, a major player in hotel services in Europe, announces the signing of a strategic partnership with ARCUS Bauerrichtung GmbH, a German real estate construction group and Redserve, an Austrian consulting firm specialised in the development of international real estate projects.The partnership aims to build a portfolio of 26 hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by 2020 for a total investment of about €160 million. The first development phase will place priority on locations in major regional cities such as Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, Basle and Zurich.

    Louvre Hotels Group and ARCUS plan to pursue a dynamic development strategy over the next seven years with the opening of three to five new hotels each year. The first hotel developed under the partnership will be inaugurated in the north of Munich, Germany, in the fourth quarter of 2014.
    As part of this partnership, ARCUS and Redserve will develop a sub brand of Tulip Inn hotels operating under the “Tulip Inn Alp Style” label.

    Using the “Tulip Inn Alp Style” label, the partners intend to develop modern and functional hotels built around the warm ambiance typical of Alpine chalets. The concept, developed by Redserve, is based on the idea of transmitting ideas of traditional alpine hospitality, holiday associations to the guests of the “Tulip Inn Alp Style”. Next to an outstanding quality of architectural design the hotels will be constructed in a highly sustainable manner, using natural materials, focussing on local resources and which are based on energy efficiency principles. The concept will furthermore offer authentic, family-style services at competitive prices, highlighting the excellent quality-price trade-off of the “Tulip Inn Alp Style” label.

    Main Characteristics of “Tulip Inn Alp Style” hotels:

     Functional, 16.5 m² rooms, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology
     A spacious lobby with lounge and a boutique area
     A free of charge cardio fitness centre
     Fully air-conditioned conference rooms with full audio- and videoconferencing facilities
     A bar and alpine bistro serving regional specialties, 24/7 snack and drink vending machines
     Free WiFi and online movie services for all guests

    After expanding rapidly in Eastern Europe in recent years, this partnership will enable Louvre Hotels Group to strengthen its presence in Central Europe, where the Group now has 14 hotels.

    Daniel Fountain / 13.10.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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