Louvre Hotels Group expands into the French overseas departments and territories

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    Louvre Hotels Group is announcing the signature of a partnership with Groupe ACI OUTREMER, which specialises in real estate and hotel investments, to expand its positions in the French overseas departments and territories under its Première Classe and Campanile brands (two and three stars respectively). A partnership of trust between Louvre Hotels Group and Groupe ACI OUTREMER
    The partnership between Groupe ACI OUTREMER and Louvre Hotels Group will pave the way for the launch of 16 new projects in the French overseas departments and territories over the next three years, with five hotels in La Réunion, four in Guadeloupe, three in Martinique and four in French Guiana.

    Eight of these hotel projects have already been firmed up and will account for a total of over 490 rooms:
    – Guadeloupe – Pointe à Pitre airport: Campanile (80 rooms) and Première Classe (40 rooms)
    – French Guiana (Cayenne) – Route de Baduel: Première Classe (70 rooms)
    – French Guiana – Cayenne airport: Campanile (60 rooms) and Première Classe (40 rooms)
    – La Réunion – Saint-Pierre: Campanile (100 rooms)
    – La Réunion – Sainte Clothilde: Campanile (100 rooms)
    – Martinique – Le Lamentin: Campanile (100 rooms)

    For each of the hotels covered by this partnership, Groupe ACI OUTREMER will arrange and finance the infrastructure development plan and sign a franchise agreement with Louvre Hotels Group. Likewise, Louvre Hotels Group will support the construction of the projects under hotel technical assistance agreements to ensure that the standards of the Première Classe and Campanile brands are met. Louvre Hotels Group will provide Groupe ACI OUTREMER with the benefit of its expertise in both the monitoring and smooth execution of the business plans for each hotel and the recruitment and training of hotel managers, as well as handling reservations via its global and centralised booking system.

    French overseas departments and territories: a market in which Louvre Hotels Group boasts numerous strengths
    Under this agreement with Groupe ACI OUTREMER, Louvre Hotels Group is seeking to expand its presence into the still undeveloped market of standardised chain hotels in French overseas departments and territories. The hotel complexes located to date in Martinique, La Réunion, Guadeloupe and French Guiana are situated a long way from the economic centres and are primarily intended for leisure travellers and thus do not meet the needs of business visitors.

    The creation of economic hotel chains, such as Première Classe and Campanile, aims to cater to this emerging need in the French overseas territories. Louvre Hotels Group, which will enable business travellers in the French overseas departments and territories to pay 30% to 50% below the usual local hotel rates, is very well-placed to capitalise on the opportunities in this market.

    Bolster its global positions through a partnership-based strategy
    With this latest partnership, Louvre Hotels Group is again demonstrating its determination to bolster its presence outside mainland France and in international markets by joining forces with high-calibre local partners. This partnership-based strategy will give Louvre Hotels Group the benefit of in-depth knowledge of the local market, establish its expertise and raise the profile of its flagship brands in new regions of the world.

    What’s more, the Group is looking to help drive economic development in the regions into which it is expanding. Working with a high-calibre partner such as Groupe ACI OUTREMER, which boasts genuine expertise in hotels and real estate in the French overseas departments and territories, will help to secure a long-term future for these projects.
    This program was presented to the cabinet of the Minister of Overseas France.

    The implementation of these projects going ahead will pave the way for the development of new activities in the French overseas regions, by providing accommodation capacity for business customers. These projects will have a positive impact on the performance of the regional economies.

    Matthieu Evrard, Chief Development Officer of Louvre Hotels Group, commented: “This agreement will help us to establish and speed up the expansion of the Group and of our brands in these French departments by harnessing Groupe ACI OUTREMER’s first-class knowledge of and experience in the local markets.”

    Stéphane de Reynal, Chairman of Groupe ACI OUTREMER, added: “This partnership with Louvre Hotels Group represents a tremendous opportunity for us to harness the benefit of its acclaimed expertise and its very well-known brands to build hotel projects that will meet genuine demand in French overseas regions.”

    Daniel Fountain / 21.01.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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