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    Mark Walker, UK Sales Director for Bagno Design, discusses the merits of mixing materials in the hotel bathroom.

    The hotel bathroom is an opportunity for designers to really shine, creating environments that are not only comfortable for guests but that also make a real style statement and give off a great first impression. An ideal way of doing just that is to mix and match materials in a way that is perhaps not as easy to achieve in the domestic environment, therefore creating that all-important wow factor that will ensure guests are impressed. Until now designers have tended to err on the side of caution in this regard, opting for ceramic sanitaryware pretty much as standard, despite the fact that what we’re trying to achieve more and more is an individual design that doesn’t conform to any stereotypes of how a bathroom should look.

    There are a myriad of materials being used by manufacturers to ensure their products stand out from the crowd, all with their own unique benefits for the bathroom, so there is no reason for designers to be cautious. There is no interior design rule that says you need to opt for a single material in order to create uniformity. In fact, uniformity is probably not what you’re looking to create at all, and combining various elements of wood, stone, glass and ceramics can give the bathroom a timeless quality.

    Mixing different materials is the ideal way of creating a unique look in the hotel bathroom, and will set it apart from the competition.

    Materials such as marble and stone offer superb ways of introducing a natural look into the bathroom, which is a key trend currently. A basin or bath manufactured from stone will be an instant statement piece and actually combine beautifully with materials such as ceramic and acrylic. Metals too, shouldn’t be overlooked, with a copper basin or bath being a focal point of any bathroom and truly breaking from the norm.

    Brassware is often where opportunities are missed in this regard, with designers most often opting for chrome, and that’s understandable as this finish works well with any style of bathroom. But other finishes are available and we shouldn’t be afraid to choose them, particularly as they work well with the natural materials mentioned. Nothing beats brushed nickel for creating a sense of opulence, and while it may not be for everyone gold taps give the bathroom a regal air.

    There a wealth of products out there made from a whole variety of materials and this offers an ideal way to create that individual finish that will impress hotel guests.

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    Daniel Fountain / 12.06.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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