Legs Eleven and a Gateway to Heaven for Axminster at BJ’s Bingo

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    Bespoke woven carpet from Axminster Carpets Commercial has helped to transform the interior of Reading’s BJ’s Bingo as the venue underwent a complete transformation to create a luxurious environment for over 1,000 players. As part of the complete refurbishment of the popular venue, Abstract Design specified some 2,100m2 of woven axminster carpet in a durable 80% wool 20% nylon construction, equipping the main auditorium, new Chatroom and AWP areas with a long lasting, comfortable and striking floor covering.

    Conceiving anintrepid contemporary design with a swirl motif and bright colours that are reflective of the building’s purpose to provide a fun day or night out for visitors, Abstract Design looked towards Axminster Carpets Commercial as being the ideal partner to work with in creating floor coverings for BJ’s Bingo:

    “Axminster Carpets Commercial were able to deliver a competitively priced product, but more than this they were able to deliver a carpet that was also manufactured within the UK,” comments James Jones, Abstract Design. “Carpet from Axminster is great quality and the company’sgood service levels makes it easy to work with. In short, Axminster Carpets Commercial proved an ideal carpet supplier for the transformation of BJ’s Bingo Hall.”

    Axminster Carpets Commercial offers a fully serviced bespoke facility as used by Abstract Design, as well as the Ready to Weave semi-bespoke concept. Manufacturing all woven carpets at its Devon facility, Axminster controls every aspect of the spinning, dyeing and weaving processes involved in production, ensuring some of the most stringent quality control used in the industry, resulting in carpets of unrivalled quality.

    Sourcing 95% of its wool from UK flocks, recycling waste into Axfelt underlay, and with the reduced transportation impact of localised manufacturing, Axminster Carpets has one of the lowest environmental impacts within the carpet manufacturing sector.

    For further information telephone 01297 630630 or e-mail commercial@axminster-carpets.co.uk

    Daniel Fountain / 17.02.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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