Lavishly elegant style for the ‘new’ Grand Hotel

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    As an artistic studio, Dawson Design Associates, Inc. approaches each new assignment with the goal to create spaces that provoke passion and engage our guests both intellectually and visually. We want their experience and interaction with the hotel to be both intimate and personal. As a collaborative design team, we strive to push beyond the ordinary to reach the extraordinary. Our vision is to create an experience that provokes strong emotions and lasting memories. Our goal is to open peoples eyes and minds to discovering the surprise and delight of a unique hotel experience. Our interiors are our canvas. The guests, our audience
    The lavishly elegant style for the ‘new’ Grand Hotel, built in 1912, was inspired by its rich heritage as the premier athletic club in Minneapolis. Beautifully classic, we felt that this legendary hotel needed to capture the flamboyant glamour and sophisticated flourish of another era. ‘The Grand’ if only due to its name, must surprise and delight in a extravagant manner. Playfully hedonistic, guests are invited to partake and socialize in a stylish rendition of a modern day ‘Gentleman’s Club’ designed to celebrate the exuberance and strength of famous athletes of both past and present. With playful references to both the Romans and Greeks, the interiors are designed to draw guests in to the spectacle of modern day sports and athletes.

    With its 50,000 square foot fitness center, the hotel is a Mecca for professional athletes as well as guests focused on fitness, health and wellbeing. The intimate lobby is a fusion of elegance, opulence and luxury, a private and intimate enclave for guests to unwind, relax, and socialize. The rich mohair velvets, leathers, and silks make the spaces a jewel box of Imperial color and texture. The energy and verve, is a contemporary spin on those fashionable VIP cocktail parties held prior to the much anticipated’ main event’ .

    Daniel Fountain / 01.09.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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