Jung’s Over-Sized Rocker Opens Door to Stylish Durability

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    German technology specialist Jung has launched an over-sized rocker switch available from their exclusive UK distributor, The Wandsworth Group. Aimed at the healthcare and hotel sector, Jung has especially designed the switch to provide a robust and aesthetic solution for door release mechanisms.Fabricated from stainless steel and available in either a steel or lacquered white finish, the rocker measures 70 x 212.4 mm and is offered with a compatible frame measuring 81 x 223 mm. The new products are compatible with other wiring accessories in the Jung ‘LS’ range and the plate can be engraved or supplied with an illuminated lens if required to provide bespoke labelling.

    Comments Andy Howe, head of sales for The Wandsworth Group, “While there’s a wide range of door release switches on the market, our research indicates that both engineers and architects would often prefer to use something of a less industrial appearance. With the Jung over-sized rocker switch they can specify something that wouldn’t look out of place in a hotel, maintaining the contemporary look of a modern hospital while providing a hard-wearing and functional solution.”

    Daniel Fountain / 25.11.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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