JAB Anstoetz; preferred fabric company in hotels worldwide

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    JAB was formed by Josef Anstoetz back in 1946 after he had an idea to start up a wholesale company for decoration and upholstery fabrics in Bielefeld, Germany. Fast forward nearly 65 years and JAB is still going strong as one of the leading up-market fabric and soft furnishings companies in the world.The company is still run as a family business, with Josef’s nephews, Ralph, Stephan and Claus as the owners. With distributors from Latvia to Panama and showrooms in Switzerland, Chicago, New York and many more, it is easy to see why JAB is used as a preferred fabric company in hotels worldwide.

    In the UK the JAB showroom is based in brand new premises in Chelsea Harbour where the high ceilings and tall windows allow the company’s products to be shown in their best light. JAB showroom manager, Angela Whittaker said moving to the new showroom, which the company relocated to from the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre just two months ago, had been one of the highlights of her career.

    Whittaker said: “The only downside is that we don’t get as many visitors from the public who would just pop in when they walked past us at the Design Centre.” She went on to say that everyone who had visited the new showroom was impressed: “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback. It’s a fabulous location.”

    JAB managing director, Michael Constable said: “The spectacular showroom, which features 4.5m high ceilings, meeting spaces for designers and their clients, light boxes for testing and viewing fabrics, Wi-Fi connectivity and beautiful design features to showcase our vast range of fabrics.”

    As I walk around snapping photographs it is evident the employees are proud of their new space as an assistant rushes to straighten a piece of fabric that had been knocked out of place by a customer.

    Daniel Fountain / 27.05.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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