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    Morgan, the British designer and manufacturer of original contract furniture, is investing in design, improving production facilities and exploring new media in order to grow the business and take its success story to the next level.Led by Design Director, Katerina Zachariades, the Morgan Design Team has been growing in number and in stature, with four Design Guild Marks to its name in the past four years. The latest appointment of new designer, Ruth Phillips, increases the team to six and serves to both enhance and increase its output. More frequent product launches, more bespoke solutions and designs that are thoroughly resolved as part of the integrated lean manufacturing process at the Hampshire factory are all benefits of this continuous investment. Senior Designer, Alys Bryan, comments, “Expanding the team enables us to work more closely with our customers to truly understand their projects and assist them through the design process. It also enables us to develop bespoke solutions, where needed, in order to meet their brief. It is extremely rewarding for us and means our customers get good service and come back to us with their next project.”

    Lean manufacturing is more than a certification; it is a passion at Morgan. A commitment to continuous improvement delivers efficiencies and quality improvements that are of mutual benefit to the company and customer. The latest investment in pursuit of this aim is a new polishing facility in the factory. An improved layout will ensure a smoother process through this stage of production and better air management will reduce dust and drying times. Also important for staff and the local community around the factory, is that the new facility will reduce environmental impact with quieter fans and lower fume emissions.

    With the creation of truly original, high quality furniture as the driving passion at Morgan, success depends on a fully integrated design and manufacturing approach.

    Controlling every stage of the process within the Hampshire factory enables the required levels of care, design integrity, experience, craftsmanship and an unfaltering dedication to quality that is required to achieve this.

    A new movie from Morgan has been created which makes this concept tangible and entertainingly brings it to life. From trees to beautifully crafted pieces of furniture, the film shows the making of a Modena chair, but equally illustrates the attention to detail and uncompromising care that goes into every single original Morgan design.

    Manufacturing process of the Modena chair from Morgan.

    Daniel Fountain / 05.11.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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