Introducing RothDock… wireless audio for iPod®/ iPhone®

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    There’s no question about it, the number of hotel guests arriving with their own music and video selections stored on their iPod®/iPhone® is huge and growing.

    Now, not only can your guests play their own music through the in-room TV or sound system, but they can do it without having to tether their device to the TV. No more getting up and down to change playlist, or a simple selection change.The RothDock features:

    Wireless Audio Streaming: Stream audio wirelessly via 2.4 GHz direct to the in-room TV or sound system
    Remote Control: mimics the iPod®/iPhone® controls so device can remain docked
    iPhone® Ring Control: If the docked iPhone® rings the music fades and guests hear the ring throughout the TV or sound system
    Auxiliary Input: 3.5 mm auxiliary input allows guest’s music-enabled mobile phone, MP3 player etc to be used
    Simple Installation: Plug dock at bedside. Plug wireless receiver into TV. No costly wire runs!
    MediaHub HD™: Can be integrated with the MediaHub HD™ to provide guests complete connectivity with audio-switching for the Roth-Dock
    Integrate Later: Can be integrated with a MediaHub HD™ at a later date
    • Charging: Built in charger charges iPod® or iPhone®

    For more details, download our 2010 brochure here.

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    Daniel Fountain / 07.07.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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