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    UK hotels, pubs, restaurants and cafes urged to “do their bit for nature”

    Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors has grown used to nature around them. Joyous birdsong, rustling hedgerows and butterflies in parks and gardens are all very much part of the enjoyment of sitting outside in the UK’s many great pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes. However, growing evidence suggests that nature is in trouble – and as Europe’s largest wildlife conservation charity, the RSPB is working hard to help halt the decline in numerous species of garden wildlife, most notably hedgehogs, bees, butterflies and birds.

    The RSPB is urging UK hotels, pubs, restaurants and cafes to help offer natural garden habitat to UK wildlife – however small and seemingly insignificant. A potted patio tub, a hanging basket, a small garden, a balcony planter – every contribution plays a vital part in giving nature a home. Bug boxes, hedgehog homes and nest boxes – shop bought or homemade – all play a crucial role in ensuring our countryside thrives and will encourage a greater number of flapping, fluttering, buzzing and snuffling creatures and birds to take up residence.

    Together we can make a HUGE difference whether it is digging a pond, planting wild flowers, creating a bug hotel or adding a window box or tub.

    One company doing just that is Scotscape Ltd; discover how they can help with your project by visiting their page in the Directory.

    Daniel Fountain / 05.05.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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