Getting Creative with your Exterior Spaces

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    In the earthly paradise of the Alhambra, quiet cloisters contain gardens of reflecting pools. Planted with aromatics, these are spaces that uplift the soul and create a cool oasis in the heat of the Spanish plains…Here in the northern hemisphere we crave the all too rare moments of warmth on our faces. In warmer climes we seek shade and the opportunity of a refreshing breeze. Outdoors we can meet our friends, rendezvous with lovers, absorb the local colours and cultures or simply curl up with a book.

    Although the concept of the ‘outdoor room’ is hardly new, it is a wise designer who creates the opportunities for special spaces beyond the building envelope that are truly integral to the form and function of a hotel. Indeed, outdoor spaces make commercial sense; a well-appointed and carefully designed garden or terrace can have significant revenue potential.

    Each setting demands thoughtful planning and design, whether you are taking advantage of a view or sunny aspect; offering protection from noise or wind or visually and physically connecting the inside to the outside for an intimate balcony, restful winter garden, convivial terrace or bustling café.

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    Daniel Fountain / 07.08.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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