GECKO – the adhesive textile collection is becoming larger and more colourful!

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    Three years after launching GECKO in the market place, Création Baumann is again expanding its innovative collection of self adhering textiles. With even more motifs and colours the Swiss manufacturer from Langenthal is responding to the demand from residential and contract sector furnishing. New to the range is GECKO CRYPTA II, a variant of GECKO which incorporates eight intensive additional colours on the popular semi sheer Crypta quality. Four new designs are also causing a stir – amongst them the first photorealistic motif.That the adhesive GECKO textile would establish itself in interior design as a versatile protection against glare and intrusive stares within such a short time could, at the outset only have been a dream by the Swiss textile virtuosos in Langenthal. Following an extended period of development, Création Baumann brought the silicon coated self adhering textile first to the market in 2007. It caused a small sensation as it could be applied directly to glass and other pore free surfaces from which it could be removed without any residue. Moreover it can subsequently be reapplied several times over without any loss of adhesive properties.An ingenious principle that offered undreamt of functional solutions, both for the residential and the public sector.

    That GECKO can do more became apparent with Création Baumann’s launch of the GECKO Think Forward competition in 2008. “GECKO IN THE BOX“ – a box with pre cut components for decorative window styling offers an equally beguiling demonstration of how GECKO can be used as a creative style element in interior design.

    The decorative added value of the adhesive textile is underlined by the Création Baumann’s design team’s four new designs. GECKO VECTOR consists of overlapping, geometric hexagones. The burnout process, an ingenious technique from the décor fabric sector, generates exciting effects at the window. Sections of the textile are marked and etched out thus creating a pattern. The 3D-effect brings the hexagonal shapes to the fore; the fabric looks dense and sheer at the same time. GECKO DISCO invokes an urbane ambiance in the home. The mix of sharp and blurred colourful circles evokes reminiscences of the bright lights of a metropolis which, with the right angle of incoming light, look amazingly real. GECKO LISTRA beguiles with an array of gaily coloured ribbons that look as if they were fluttering in a breeze. The elegant, haphazard arrangement of overlapping strips in differing widths can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Multi colouring makes combination with other colours easy. GECKO ILLUSION has the wow factor. The coulisse like motifs from everyday objects such as bowls, vases and books look amazingly realistic. This is the first time that the textile experts from Langenthal have used photorealistic images. Proving once again that they are progressively broadening the limits of this adhesive textile, by exploring ever new and delightful variations.
    This applies not only to designs but also to colours. Because GECKO CRYPTA is so popular, Création Baumann is expanding the range of the flame retardant textured fleece by eight colours. The colour palette of GECKO CRYPTA II now encompasses 17 colours; leaving the customer with a choice between the bright and youthful tones or more muted classic beige and grey shades.

    The new GECKO collection is available from specialist outlets from the autumn of 2010.

    Daniel Fountain / 27.09.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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