FW Lighting Supplies Elektra Ag Lighting for New Crowne Plaza

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    FW Lighting and Elektra Ag, has been chosen to provide lighting and wardrobe door sensors for the new Crowne Plaza Heythrop Park-Oxford, part of a 50 million investment in Heythrop Park, resort which includes a stunning new 18 hole golf course, leisure club and spa. Designed by architect Thomas Archer and completed in the early 18th century, the main house of the original Heythrop Park was originally commissioned for Charles Talbot, the then 12th Earl of Shrewsbury. Set in 400 acres of landscaped gardens and woodland, the hotel is an early example of English Baroque manner.

    Elektra’s LD1.9-1 range of halogen capsule lights (with Osram 4000hr lamps) has been used due to their long life operation, high light output and low energy consumption. Transformers used were from Elektra’s ETf range, which incorporate the latest in low heat producing circuitry. These new breed of transformer requires little or no air gap and so can be mounted into tight areas without fear of early life failure or shutdown. Also, its slim-line design and ease of connectivity ensure quick and simple installation on site.

    Both hinged and sliding wardrobe doors were used in the design, and we needed to use two styles of door light operating switches. The first was the spring loaded, push button type for hinged doors, and for the sliding doors we proposed Elektra’s PIR furniture sensor. Discrete in design, the adjustable head and photocell design allows the body to be hidden behind cabinetry, providing almost invisible light switching control.

    To link everything together, Elektra’s patented 2.5Amp Mini Plug system was used to interconnect every component in the lighting design. Manufactured by Elektra, Mini Plug uses round male and female connectors that need only an 8mm hole cut-out to pass through cabinetry and walls.

    In the Mini Plug range, Elektra produces 230v 2.5Amp, 6Amp and 16Amp versions as well as, 12v and 24v colour coded connectors for their extensive range of high powered, chip on board, LED lights.

    If you would like to find out more about Elektra please visit the FW Lighting page in the Directory.

    Daniel Fountain / 05.10.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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