From Austria to Oman – 45 new Kempinski Grand Hotels worldwide

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    Kempinski is a worldwide synonym for “grand hotels”: a European company with German roots, predominantly owned by the Thai Crown Property Bureau, currently develops 42 new large hotels with approximately 10,000 rooms around the world. These findings have been derived by TOPHOTELPROJECTS. In Vienna the Palais Hansen is scheduled to welcome its first guests in March. A new luxury resort with 309 rooms arises in Oman. And the announcement for a 150 room luxury hotel in North Korean’s capital Pyongyang causes a sensation.The Kempinski Hotel Palais Hansen is located in a heritage-protected ancient building, which is currently being transformed. All three open space patios will be roofed by glass-sky-windows. The lobby lounge, which is located in the middle of one the patios, will be the hotel’s centre point. The rooms will be sized between 40 and 45 square meters, suites will measure up to 300 square meters (presidential suite). This hotel will be Kempinski’s first property in Vienna.

    Kempinski will also build a high-class resort In Oman’s capital Muscat. The hotel with 309 rooms, located at the beach, is part of the large construction project “The Wave” and could be finish during the second half of 2015. This hotel project further includes 77 serviced private luxury apartments, 10 F&B outlets, swimming pools, a spa, a beach club and all the comforts and amenities that can be expected in a premium high-end hotel. Construction, executed by the project developer Omani Hospitality, could already start this spring. But first of all, according to the press, the construction still needs to be bought. It is planned that “The Wave” will offer four top hotels, among them a Fairmont Resort.

    The intention to build a Kempinski hotel in Pyongyang created lots of excitement. North Korean, not really known for its prosperous economy, favours an internationally known hotel operator such as Kempinski for the 337 meter high hotel pyramid. The construction started 20 years ago and will be North Korea’s highest hotel. Negotiations with the Egyptian tourism project developer Orascom (developer also of the hotel project “Andermatt Swiss Alps”) are currently on-going. As per today it is not possible mention any expected opening date for this 150 rooms hotel project.

    Daniel Fountain / 30.01.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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