Forbes makes material difference with Eco-fabric

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    Forbes Group intends to make a real difference to its environmental impact with the latest addition to the range of fabrics in which it makes its table skirtings, chair covers, contemporary and cocktail table covers. EcoFab is a ground-breaking polyester fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. As such, it has a double benefit for the environment: it requires up to 53% less energy to produce than virgin polyester, and it keeps plastic water bottles out of landfill.

    In addition, EcoFab is highly practical in the hospitality environment. It has demonstrated impressive crease resistance (especially useful for chair covers, and for storing table skirting), repels stains, is machine washable and non-iron. Like other polyester fabrics, it is also soft yet hard-wearing and doesn’t shrink.

    “We have long wanted to source a more environmentally-friendly fabric,” comments Anna Smarzak of Forbes, “but it had to work for our customers in the hospitality industry too. The fact that EcoFab’s stain-repellent and crease resistant properties were so good made it a winner for me. We think it’s the fabric of the future”.

    For further information, please see Forbes Group’s website at or telephone 01568 616 638.

    Daniel Fountain / 19.03.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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