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    Forbes Group is a British supplier of textiles, furniture and equipment to the hospitality industry worldwide. Its customers include international hotel groups and conference centres, blue chip companies, and premium sports venues.Forbes Group is also the European distributor for Forbes Industries (no relation), whose products are internationally recognised in hospitality, particularly in the janitorial and housekeeping context, though its front of house Birdcage Luggage Cart is an industry icon.

    Forbes Group has been delighted to help ME London select products for its cutting edge project on the Strand. It has supplied textured black luggage racks that will be in keeping with the sleek monochrome rooms at ME, as well as polished stainless steel posts and ebony velour ropes for public guidance with unobtrusive chic.

    Forbes Industries’ trademark brass luggage cart would not have worked in the ME context. Instead, its more contemporary angular brushed steel deluxe cart precisely met the needs of this minimal setting.

    Finally, Forbes’ capacious laundry carts will be working hard to support the housekeeping team behind the scenes. Also unseen, its platform luggage carts and hand trucks will be taking the strain off the staff. Should they appear unexpectedly though, either truck’s steel and black carpet finish will not look out of place in this exciting boutique development.

    We wish ME the very best with its forthcoming launch.

    Daniel Fountain / 22.11.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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