Focus SB keeps its focus on staff, excellent customer service and outstanding products

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    Roger Kemp, Managing Director of Focus SB discusses the Castleham Industrial Estate-based lighting accessories manufacturers’ key to success.Manufacturing in Sussex is alive and well – we are now employing more people than at the start of the recession.

    You only have to find a niche where either technology keeps you ahead of the competition, or find a high quality, high margin product that is required in low volumes to beat lower priced imported goods.

    You must have excellent customer service levels, and be fleet of foot to meet clients’ requirements that can be very demanding.

    Despite all the problems regarding employing people that recent governments have heaped upon us, if you treat them fairly and let them share in the good times as well as the bad, it is possible to build and retain loyal staff. Never remove the ‘fun budget’!

    With low volume high quality products there is also less resistance to price increases, so forecast increases in raw materials costs need not necessarily lead to lower margins.

    You do need to continually look at costs and new ways of doing things. Inward investment is a continual and necessary demand that has to be met.

    Above all be proud of your company. You will be surprised how this influences customers.

    Daniel Fountain / 12.04.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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