Fast Track Franchise Success for Yorkshire Aparthotel Brand Roomzzz as Scottish Sites are Revealed

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    Not content with announcing two new sites in Liverpool and Chester at the beginning of 2013, Roomzzz Aparthotel have stepped up their already fast tracked expansion plans and have revealed 2 new sites in prime locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh.The Roomzzz brand has been gathering prominence and status in the industry since 2006 with a tried and tested methodology for the successful operation of Aparthotels. Mark Walton Head of Roomzzz Aparthotel UK comments ‘Our approach is simple – we give our customers exactly what they require when they are travelling, our rates are transparent and our offering consistent and in line with expectations’.

    After a strong year of trading in 2012 which saw soaring averages of 87% occupancies across all sites and a 16% increase on 2011 Roomzzz are sitting pretty with a solid demand of franchise partners waiting in line to jump on the ever powerful Roomzzz machine. The franchise strategy for Roomzzz is to feature in key City centre locations in major Cities in the UK, so having dominated the hotel scene in Leeds, Manchester and more recently Newcastle with a new £6M Aparthotel – the brand is holding strong in their pursuit of strong and desirable locations.

    Walton comments ‘investors are keen to be involved as franchise partners, there has been a well documented success story surrounding our franchise opportunities – investors are seeing measurable fast track growth year on year and are keen to be part of the brand which has shone through in the darkest moments of the current economic climate’.

    Recent successful franchise sign-ups include sites in Chester and Liverpool which reflect the Roomzzz desire to be present in lively, on trend and vibrant places. Roomzzz are well known for their impact on attracting visitors into Cities due to their loyalty scheme, which sees guests divert their route to their nearest Roomzzz location. Figures show that loyal Roomzzz guests will frequent their favourite location even if it means travelling up to 10 miles out of their way.

    Walton comments ‘the level of customer loyalty we observe through guest surveys really highlights what our guests value about what we offer which includes a loyalty discount and our decision to offer on tap and free wi-fi and phone calls included in our rate.’

    The news of two Scottish additions to the portfolio will bring Roomzzz locations to 9 in total and they aren’t stopping there – the brand is already in discussions with 2 southern locations and are actively seeking a dynamic franchise partner for a central London site. Walton remarks ‘Roomzzz brings with it more than just a place to sleep at night due to the fact we lean towards a lifestyle approach in terms of flexibility matched with practicality which gives us a well rounded and feel good aspect – a key London site would give our customers exactly what they have been requesting – and after all that is exactly what Roomzzz is all about’.

    Daniel Fountain / 22.03.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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