EVOline® Connectivity in Hotels

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    The EVOline® range from Schulte & Loughborough now includes in addition to some well established mountings the secure stainless steel supports that also enable the integration of an iPod connection.The picture (right) shows the Schulte EVOline® Dock mounted within an international hotel where visitors and guests from around the world need easily accessible European, USA and Far East sockets, and multimedia connections, in one place.

    The 230 v~ supply passes through the stainless supports with a copper transformer supplying the protected USA 110 v~ socket, with data cables routed neatly too.

    The EVOline® Dock enables easy access to all connections in one place without having cables snaking over the table.

    At the same time iPod charging and playing is possible through the room or in-built speakers.

    The finish can be varied to suit the décor with silver, all black, polished chrome or stainless steel finish.

    Daniel Fountain / 16.06.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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