Egyptian Tourist Authority (ETA) confirms plans to generate a resurgence in tourism

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    Following the positive news regarding the FCO lifting its advice against all but essential travel to the whole of Egypt, the recent incidents in Cairo surrounding the third anniversary of the uprising, should not overshadow Egypt’s world class appeal as a tourist destination.Omayma El Husseini, ETA’s Director of UK & Ireland, stated, “While there have been incidents in Cairo, they have been in Cairo alone. With the exception of North Sinai, the remainder of Egypt is a safe destination for tourists to travel to, explore and enjoy.”

    Commenting on the ETA’s plans moving forward, El Husseini said, “We are engaging in long-term initiatives that focus on investment opportunities in the tourism industry to ensure that our integrated tourism plan provides an enhanced and safe offering for all tourists. Specifically, this includes measures such as upgrading infrastructure, enhancing road security by training tourist bus drivers, and providing extensive training programmes to all levels of staff in the tourism sector.”

    Furthermore, the ETA has organised a comprehensive programme of visits by overseas tourism officials in key markets to meet their counterparts to discuss the industry and for the plans to be relayed back to their respective country’s tourism sector. As one of the four key sources of national income, Egypt’s global tourism programme will see the development of niche markets including golf, spa and wellness, classical tourism and diving.

    “Egypt has invested in an aggressive promotional campaign in the UK & Ireland to promote the country as an attractive and safe destination. The UK was only down by five percent in terms of tourist arrivals in 2013, demonstrating that the British market has a resilient passion for all that Egypt has to offer.”

    “2014 is a key year for all Egyptians who are looking towards political stability, security and the enhancement of the livelihoods of the country’s population,” concluded El Husseini.

    Daniel Fountain / 10.02.2014

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