DvořákSpa Hotel Carlsbad now a 4-star superior hotel

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    Effective immediately, the DvořákSpa Hotel Carlsbad can call itself a 4-star superior property. The high level of comfort and high service quality which travellers to Carlsbad have appreciated for years has now been classified officially by the European Hote lstars Union. The upgrade of the former 4-star hotel is a result of the constant high service quality and top amenities.“The upgrade to a 4-star superior hotel is the reward for the high service quality provided by my team every day. We are extremely pleased that the many comforts and conveniences which the Dvořák Spa Hotel Carlsbad has to offer have now been classified officially in order to give our guests an even better basis for their decision-making,”says General Manager Christina Leotard. Recent improvements include the complete renovation of the beautiful Art Nouveau façade, LCD TVs in all rooms and WiFi access throughout the entire hotel. The spa offerings now also feature 17 instead of 14 treatment options every week with the complex healing spa treatment, the specialist medical training of our chief physician for the F. X. Mayr treatment, a permanent offer of sports activities such as regular Pilates, water aerobics and Nordic walking classes as well as free guided tours through town.

    DvořákSpa Hotel Carlsbad
    The hotel complex, situated behind a striking Art Nouveau façade in a row of six previously separate buildings, stands out for its exclusive location on the river Teplánear Carlsbad’s spa pavilion and drinking colonnades. The spa hotel features 60 Standard Rooms, 48 Comfort Rooms,15 apartments and 3 accessible rooms. A speciality restaurant treats guests to international and Bohemian cuisine. Viennese coffee specialities are served in the hotel’s Café Opera.The proximity to Carlsbad’s healing springs and the presence of an in-house spa physician underscores the Dvořák Spa Hotel Carlsbad’s reputation as a spa hotel. The choice of treatments ranges from fasting therapies such as the F. X. Mayr diet to non-invasive mesotherapy treatments.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.03.2013

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