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    Stylematters are pleased to announce the arrival of a unique product to our portfolio, one that takes connecting with your brand and identity, to a whole new level.With the new Digital Print Collection of tables and chairs, you can extend your promotional reach by placing your logo, or imagery that supports your trading aims, onto the furniture. Choose from a wide library of digital images or utilise your own identity, to connect again and again with your customers.

    And with front to back coupling on the chairs, your promotional message will always be seen, even if a customer is sat using the chairs. As a bonus, being stackable, durable and easy to clean are all part of the product range as standard.

    At Stylematters we believe that the furniture in your venues are a visual representation of your brand’s personality, and with the arrival of the Digital Print Collection, we can now offer a new, involved approach to personalising furniture in a way that makes you far different from your competitors.

    Daniel Fountain / 21.09.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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