Design Conscious adds another STRING ® to their bow

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    • 0 are pleased to announce that they are now an authorised dealer of the String® Shelving system: the original Design Classic mix amd match shelving system.Swedish architect Nils Strinning (1917-2006) designed String® in 1949. This super flexible distinctive and minimalist shelving system earned him a reputation as one of the designers who laid the foundations of modern Scandinavian design. Today String® shelves can be found on walls all over the world.

    The string system is a collection of just a few components, but each of those components is so well thought through that there is almost an infinite variety of combinations. Thanks to the slim wire panels it is possible to create a shelf large enough to hold a great number of books and objects whilst still looking light. But don’t be fooled, String® is pretty heavyweight too – depending on the layout it is recommended each shelf can accommodate 15-20kg of evenly spread load.

    The components are available in a range of colours and finishes, whilst the measurements are fixed and have never been altered. That is why a String shelf can be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed. Grow or even shrink with your requirements, flexibility that lasts a lifetime.

    The String® system briefly comprises of two floor standing wire side panels and two wall mounted wire side panels in a choice of three colours; shelves in a choice of two depths, two lengths and five finishes. Accessories include a small desk and angled magazine shelf, cabinet with sliding doors and a two drawer chest. A new folding table is being introduced in 2013 along with some other new ideas to make String® even more indispensable.

    In addition to the system there is also The String® Pocket – an off-the-shelf shelf kit. This is a compact wall mounted shelving unit that comes boxed in a kit comprising two wire side panels and three composite shelves (veneered or lacquered). You can install this small bookcase almost anywhere you have a wall; perfect for a little bathroom shelving, in the kitchen or bedroom and narrow enough for a hallway. It’s also perfect for a shop display or exhibition. The String® Pocket can be expanded extensively, vertically or horizontally and is available in various colours: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, and Walnut and with new colours for 2013 Raw, Copper and White Ash, so you are sure to find a version that complements your interior scheme.

    If you’d like to know more about the possibilities of String® shelving, just drop us a line.

    Daniel Fountain / 31.07.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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