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    Alongside our skills in bespoke lighting manufacturing, Dernier & Hamlyn’s talented team is often called on to refurbish, renovate and repair light fittings. Much of this work is extremely challenging and requires unique skills and in-depth knowledge of historic lighting. Past projects have included taking down a chandelier weighing several tons for extensive refurbishment that included the manufacture of missing sections and castings as well as wiring to current electrical standards with energy efficient lighting being installed.It is not unusual for some of the fittings that we are called on to take back to their original splendour, to consist of thousands of pieces, which have to be painstakingly disassembled prior to careful renovation before reassembly either at our London factory or back on site. And often our renovation work involves bringing fittings up-to-date to ensure they meet building owner’s legal responsibilities as part of Building Regulations or adding emergency lighting capabilities for fittings used in public buildings. Even at relatively new hotels, restaurants, clubs and high-end residential sites, lighting can become broken, discoloured or just dull and our expertise is often sought to breathe new life into tired fittings.

    Our award winning work at Quadrant 3 is an example of where both our refurbishment and bespoke manufacturing expertise were utilised. Here we produced a number of fittings to complement the art deco styling of the restaurants and bars. In the former Titanic bar, that is now MASH, three large oval lights made of cast aluminium and glass and eight u-shaped fittings required extensive renovation. Over the years various glass panels had been replaced leaving a mishmash of styles and designs which were removed and replaced. Our knowledge of this period of lighting design enabled us to ensure that the “new” fittings were both beautiful and historically accurate.

    And at Fortnum and Mason we were tasked to remove and refurbish over 100 chandeliers, bring them up-to-date with current electrical regulations and then return and re-install them at the iconic London store.

    We’ve also refurbished sunburners at the famous Leeds Varieties theatre and renovated chandeliers at the former Granada Cinema in Clapham when it was converted into a Christian Ministry.

    So when your work calls not only for new, but for as good as new get in touch and see how we can help.

    Daniel Fountain / 04.04.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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