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    Decoratif Design was contacted by Russell Sage Studio to supply the finishing touch to their exquisite room makeovers at the RAC Club in Epsom.Russell Sage Studio creates interiors that are timeless, beautiful, hardwearing and functional. They endeavour to imbue all their designs with a unique story and a strong sense of purpose; they take pride in their passion and commitment, creating highly individual schemes, rich in character and full of exquisite detail. They bring a wealth of experience to each and every project, ensuring that their work is seamlessly executed and beautifully delivered.

    Classic Lines – Hotel Room Mirrors

    Perhaps this attention detail is why Russell Sage Studio chose Decoratif Design as their supplier for Mirrors at the RAC Club.

    As is often the case mirrors are the last item to be fitted, usually just before a deadline for when a room is to be let again or a restaurant opened. In this case it was no different and Decoratif Design was asked to supply a range of high quality gold antique frames with bevelled mirrors made to specific dimensions, and all within a week. This was all possible as Decoratif Design can draw from stock over 1000 different framing styles, stock held here in the UK and assembled in our factory in London.

    If you have a requirement for Hotel Room Mirrors we have an endless range of frames that can match any décor. We can make mirrors to order at a very competitive price and are manufactured in the UK, offering a fast and reliable supply.

    Daniel Fountain / 02.07.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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