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    At Decoratif Design we are able to supply PLAIN GLASS, DISTRESSED and COLOURED mirror glass cut to size, all we need from you to quote is:1 – Type of Mirror Glass
    a. Plain (Maximum Panel size 2540mm x 1605mm)
    b. Antique (Maximum Panel size 2250mm x 1605mm)
    c. Colour (Maximum Panel size 2250mm x 1605mm)

    2 – Thickness of Mirror
    a. 4mm (Plain only)
    b. 6mm (Plain, Antique/Distressed or Coloured)

    3 – Fixings
    a. Screw (Number and Position of Holes)
    b. Clips (suitable for smaller mirrors)
    c. Adhesive
    d. Concealed Fixings (suitable for smaller mirrors)
    e. Corner clips (suitable for smaller and medium sized mirrors)

    Antique / Distressed Glass

    Antique mirror glass isn’t old – it just looks like old, distressed silvered mirror glass. It has the look of aged, vintage mirror glass. Antique mirror glass can be used in architectural and decorative settings.

    Antique/Distressed Glass can come in different styles, different coloured tints and depth of the antique effect, from light to heavy.

    With Decoratif Design Ltd all is possible!

    Contact Steve Driver for a FREE consultation or Quotation today and as always with Decoratif Design….anything is possible!

    Daniel Fountain / 12.07.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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