Crystal Caviar s.r.o. Company Completes Work for Brussels Marriott Hotel

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    Crystal Caviar s.r.o. company designs and produces bespoke chandeliers, lighting, wall cladding and glass artwork for the hospitality industry. Their products can be seen in 5* hotels, 50+ m super yachts, golf resorts, casinos and private residences across the globe and their latest instalment is for the Brussels Marriott Hotel.The project manager, Tomas Kacer, responsible for the Brussels Marriott Hotel job says:

    “Hotel lighting is a typical job for us. In this case the client asked us to create a chandelier above the bar that will follow the curved shape. The chandelier was expected to break the large ceiling area into two parts and create a beautifully lit decoration with very a light and airy look. To do this we used twisted glass tubes in two rows hanging on metal wires. Light sources are installed into the ceiling in between the two rows. The light spreads throughout the glass tubes and makes the ends of the tubes glow. The client was so excited and satisfied with the look, that he asked us to double the size of the chandelier during the installation. We had to come for a second installation.”

    Crystal Caviar s.r.o. is renowned as a pioneer in new glass techniques. They combine glass into lighting fittings and use techniques developed for a certain purpose in a different way to create beautiful bespoke pieces.

    “This results in amazing glass products and objects such as the Crystal Caviar tile you see in the image (right)” says Marek Landa, owner of the company. “These tiles are still waiting to be used for a big chandelier project. If anyone is interested in using these tiles, please contact us for a quote.”

    “We started crystal caviar glass just two years ago and we trusted it would work due to the bespoke possibilities.”

    You can find out more details about the Crystal Caviar s.r.o. company and their products in Directory.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.11.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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