Chinese Visa rules / Autumn statement – Travelodge comment

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    Grant Hearn, Travelodge Chief Executive commented on yesterday’s announcement to improve the visa system for Chinese visitors.This is great news. We have been working very hard alongside the BHA for a change to the visa process, especially for the Chinese market. We have a real opportunity within our grasp which can play a significant part in helping our economy to recover, but we need to act now otherwise Britain will lose out.

    Since 2007 the number of outbound visitors from China has nearly doubled from 34.5million to 60million, but of these new tourists only 30,500 a year came to Britain. Meanwhile, France received eight times more Chinese visitors than the UK and Germany six times our amount. Every wealthy Chinese tourist lost to our European neighbours is a missed opportunity to create jobs and boost the UK economy.

    We need the Government to act with a sense of urgency. Any lack of immediate action will cost jobs, growth and investment. This initiative means new employment opportunities in the UK, which is too good a thing to be missed.”

    Daniel Fountain / 06.12.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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