Chilli Banana Goes Hot For New Low Energy Kitchen

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    When Chilli Banana relocated their Thai restaurant to the centre of Wilmslow, Steve and Mai appointed Dawnvale to refurbish the entire ground and first floor premises.A key factor to this project was that low energy had to be the main focus of all the equipment and services. So our bar and kitchen designers set about utilising the latest low energy and energy reduction equipment.

    The newly launched KERS heat recovery system was installed. This clever system recovers wasted heat created by the cook line and converts it back to potable hot water at over 50 degrees, reducing their carbon emissions as well as expensive bills.

    A bespoke low energy one piece induction wok station was commissioned; featuring 5 energy saving induction woks, with water faucets and refrigerated draws all incorporated in a seamless stainless steel top achieves and impressive 80% energy saving on conventional woks.

    Add too all of this, the LED lighting and controls Dawnvale provided Steve, Mai and the team at Chilli Banana a magnificent low energy kitchen.

    Daniel Fountain / 18.02.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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