Castle Hotel Waldeck

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    Uniquely, the four-star Castle Hotel Waldeck, recently modernized at great cost with the help of Baulmann Leuchten, rises majestically and untouchably 200m above the north shore of Lake Edersee, in Germany. Built as a knight’s castle in the 11th century Schloss Waldeck first became a hotel in 1906.

    The luminaire manufacturer Baulmann Leuchten from Sundern, Germany, sets decorative accents in almost all rooms, with a customized luminaire especially developed by the company and based on the ‘Waldeck Star’.

    A wall-mounted luminaire made from solid brass and equipped with energy saving lamps provide a glare-free indirect illumination in almost every area of the castle.

    Baulmann Leuchten also fitted out the guestrooms with bespoke luminaires.

    The wall-mounted bedside lamps include an additional LED reading-light; the integrated switches allow a separate use of either or both the main lamp and the reading lamp. Matching table-lamps and floor-lamps complete the lighting of the guestrooms.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.04.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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