Bored Rooms or Board Rooms?

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    More and more companies are investing in inspirational environmental graphics such as digital wallpaper as they recognise that the ambience, aesthetics and visual appearance of the workplace can have a profound effect on staff, visitors and stakeholders. Meeting this demand for more inspirational working or sales environments is Signbox’s new EG Division that uses revolutionary new print technology to create large format graphics at fine art quality.More and more organisations are adopting a bold approach to create inspirational working or sales environments, recognising that the ambience of the workplace – how it looks and feels – will affect staff, customers, visitors and stakeholders. Signbox’s EG Division is at the forefront of these positive developments in the workplace with digital wallpaper produced from high-resolution imagery.

    Digital wallpaper can be used to create a dynamic visual impact that stimulates the senses and enhances well-being, transforming breakout areas, meeting rooms, internal office spaces, reception and sales areas into bright, energising spaces that maximise natural daylight.

    Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, comments, “Our new EG Division uses revolutionary printing technology to create large format graphics that are digitally printed on to Class O fire rated, Digimura 2.1. It gives us the capability to print at high resolution, up to 1728 dpi – effectively fine art quality – direct to virtually any material such as metal, glass, acrylic, vinyl, wood and composite board.

    “So it’s not just wall coverings that can benefit but also glass manifestations, partitions, banners, screens, blinds and more besides”.

    To illustrate how digital wallpaper and other environmental graphics can transform the ambience, aesthetics and visual appearance of the workplace, Signbox has produced a new booklet for the EG portfolio of products. This comprehensive guide is an invaluable tool for architects, interior designers, brand managers, shop fitters, developers, building contractors, property managers and anyone else with a professional interest in the look and feel of the built or working environment.

    For a free copy call Signbox on 01784 438688 and for more information on workplace graphics, visit their website at:

    Daniel Fountain / 23.09.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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