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    David Clarke, CEO of Best Western, swapped his day job in York for that of a housekeeper for a new programme to be shown on Channel 4 this week called Undercover Boss.

    On Thursday night (15th July) at 9pm the nation will see exactly what the boss of Britain’s largest group of independently owned and managed hotels got up to when he left the comfort of his office to find the hidden gems working inside Best Western hotels.Joined by a small camera crew David went undercover for ten straight days as ‘Andy Green’ an unemployed man looking for work in three different Best Western hotels. At each hotel he rolled up his sleeves in a variety of jobs including housekeeper, maintenance man, chef, waiter and green keeper to experience what life is really like working in their hotels.

    David worked in the Best Western Castle Green Hotel in Kendal, Best Western Ullesthorpe Hotel in Lutterworth and the Best Western White House in Watford. Only the owners of the three properties knew the real reason why David was at the hotel.

    After his ten days working in the hotels he chose four ‘hidden gems’ who were invited to the York office when David not only revealed his true identity but also rewarded them for their hard work and dedication.

    Talking about his role David said: “I was nervous about going into the hotels under disguise as I did not know what to expect or whether someone would recognise me. I had no idea where the camera crew were taking me and what I would be doing whilst there. As a boss I am used to being in charge, so to let someone else take the reins was tough, but I soon got used to it.”

    “Whilst filming I spent time with some amazing people whose hard work and dedication filled me with pride and admiration. These people are the real stars of not only the programme but the whole Best Western success story. One thing is for sure I certainly do not miss the 5am starts or the beard I had to grow for the programme so as to disguise my true identity!”

    The programme also gave David the opportunity to see firsthand how the company’s recent TV campaign ‘hotels with personality’ was going down in the hotels and how independent hotels are faring in the current economic climate.
    Tim Wade, Head of Marketing said; “The Undercover Boss programme was filmed at the same time as we launched ‘Hotels with personality’ and allowed us to see the personalities meeting our customers every day. We already knew that our hotels had the great customer service that only an independent hotel group can provide, but what David has found just proves that what we have launched is true to form.”

    The ‘Hotels with personality’ launch activity included Best Westerns first ever TV advert debut in Coronation Street and a nationwide hunt for the best of British talent with a Britain’s got personality roadshow. For more information go to

    Daniel Fountain / 14.07.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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