Baulmann Leuchten signs new and exclusive agency agreement with FW Lighting

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    FW Lighting represents a collective of lighting and automaton controls manufacturers from across Europe including AVE, Cabelli Luce, Elektra ACB Illuminations and Altatensione (part of the PAN group) and now Baulmann Leuchten. Baulmann have been producing lighting for over 70 years, providing hotel interior designers, architects and specialist lighting designers with creative lighting concepts and lighting systems of the highest quality.

    Baulmann have an enviable record of success stories, delivering inspirational lighting designs for every type of hotel project you can imagine, worldwide.

    Working closely with interior designers, Baulmann, with their design knowledge, are very adept at interpreting the ideas and creativeness of interior designers, then creating practical, physical designs to meeting their client needs and aspirations.

    Daniel Fountain / 09.10.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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