Baulmann Leuchten: Riviera Hotel, Beirut

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    The Riviera Hotel is an institution in Beirut, in one of the best locations. The excellent architecture from the 1950’s, the seaside location and the Mediterranean light were the inspiration for the new interior design for the renovation. The hotel has been refreshed and renewed in its own style; one that is sure to become a classic, like the hotel itself.Together with the design practise SHS International from Düsseldorf, Baulmann Leuchten fitted out the guestrooms of the hotel with a bespoke version of a LED-reading light, fully integrated into the headboards.

    Another bespoke solution has been supplied for the lift-portals; a special-made framework with integrated lighting is covering the old lift-portals, creating now an eye-catcher on each floor.

    Images copyright Riviera Hotel Beirut

    Daniel Fountain / 16.11.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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