Baulmann Leuchten part of the winning team at 2013 Sleep Concept Hotel

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    Sleep Concept Hotel, part of Sleep, invited designers to plan and build a life sized hotel room following the brief composed by our influential judging panel. This year’s brief was inspired by the nostalgia for the 1960s: transforming our catwalk of hotel design into a radical contemporary Pop Art experience.

    The winning design by Cullinan Interior & Infinite Architecture, whose room featured inspiration from Ken Adams’ set design for Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove, and included elements of surprise such as interstellar fractal-inspired artwork.

    Baulmann Leuchten from Sundern supplied several custom made luminaires according to the design given by Cullinan Interior and Infinite Architecture.

    Daniel Fountain / 04.12.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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