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    Transforming the practical chore of heating into an inspirational, design-led process, Aestus introduces ‘Bauhaus’ to the UK and Irish marketplace.Supremely elegant, ‘Bauhaus’ defies the traditional concept of heating, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation to produce a truly breathtaking masterpiece.

    As shown above, ‘Bauhaus’ is perfect for making a statement and will attract just the right amount of attention. Hang directly above a freestanding tub for a dramatic effect or in solitude to create a jaw-dropping focal feature.

    Slim line with an 8mm Aluminium thickness, this new addition to the ‘Hotech’ collection is available in an array of colours as well as a plethora of luxury finishes including brushed, satin or feathered Aluminium as well as Copper, Gold (pictured above) and Silver Leaf.

    Aestus, managing director, Geoff Jones said: “Bauhaus is set to change the way we view domestic heating forever. Unlike anything currently for sale, this piece will bring glamour and beauty to any home or boutique hotel.”

    ‘Bauhaus’ is available in three widths; 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and two heights; 500mm and 600mm.

    It can generate a heat output of up to 1118 Watts and is suitable for connection to both electric and central heating systems.

    Daniel Fountain / 01.04.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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