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    TechVision’s brand new Vanity Mirror range of TV units, have been designed to incorporate seamlessly into bathrooms, offering a sense of stylish luxury with functionality. Hotel guests can used the mirror to get ready and watching the TV to catch up in the latest news, or relax in the bath and watch their favorite programs.The Vanity Mirror is available in standard sizes, with a bespoke service offered for quantity orders. The unit comprises a high-bright 19” LCD TV, set behind a larger Vanity Mirror, in a choice of finishes.

    Installation is simple, as the TV is a sealed unit, which attaches to the back of the mirror. The whole unit (Mirror & TV) is wall mounted, using the brackets provided, with all TV cables hidden neatly behind.

    Standard Vanity Mirror sizes:

    – 900 mm (h) x 800 mm (w)
    – 900 mm (h) x 1200mm (w)

    Available Finishes:

    Crystal Clear – A beautiful high bright crystal mirror throughout. (Shows a black rectangle when the TV is switched off.)

    Simply Magic – A darker, grey-style mirror throughout. (The TV completely disappears when switched off.)

    Crystal Magic – A beautiful high bright crystal mirror, with a darker, grey-style mirror over the TV screen. (Creates a darker mirror, within a crystal mirror when switched off.)

    Technical details:

     19” Widescreen, high bright, WXGA LCD TFT panel
     Waterproof rated IP66
     Controlled using ‘floating’ waterproof remote (supplied)
     Connects to 2 x waterproof ceiling speakers (supplied)
     Bluetooth – connect to stored music
     HD Ready
     PAL and DVB-T Mpeg 4 dual tuner built-in (Can either use as an independent TV to watch free-to-view channels, or connect to hotel distribution system.)

    TechVision also supply 7” & 19” Infiniti TVs.

    If you are interested in further details, please visit

    Daniel Fountain / 04.10.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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