Axminster Carpets brings carpet design facility to your desktop

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    For architects and interior designers looking to design their own carpet creation without leaving their desk, Axminster Carpets new Ready to Weave Design Facility is now online at Selecting from either contemporary, floral, classical or geometric patterns, designers can choose any of 250 proven designs from which to recolour in any of 32 shades now available from the fast turnaround RTW semi-bespoke service.

    Once created and thanks to the latest 3-D rendering technology, the carpet can be visualised in a range of hospitality scenarios including reception and bar areas, corridors and bedrooms. For those architects and designers unfamiliar with carpet design, this technology helps to translate a flat pattern into a language that is easy to understand. The completed design, with suitable references, can then be saved or emailed for further development, as well as submitted for sample creation.

    The result is that by combining the latest technology with traditional Axminster weaving, architects and interior designers can offer their customers a fast-track custom carpet at costs previously only achieved with large production runs, in a fraction of the time normally associated with a custom commissioned service.

    Made from a durable and easy to maintain 80% wool 20% nylon construction, Ready to Weave carpets are available in seven different qualities making them suitable for use everywhere from receptions and main staircases through to guestrooms. Designers can use the same colour palette across several designs, helping to create distinct areas while providing harmonious balance throughout the interior.

    Richard Lawrence, Group Head of Marketing, Axminster Carpets:

    “We have introduced the online Carpet Design Facility to make the creation of Ready to Weave carpets as simple and as fluid as possible, giving designers the chance to explore the creative potential of carpet without having to leave the office. Yet we also understand that it is hard to visualise how a flat pattern will work within a roomscape and so we introduced the 3-D tool to provide a solution to this. The result is one of the first online carpet design facilities that actually makes it easy to create the ideal carpet across a broad spectrum of locations.”

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    Daniel Fountain / 10.04.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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