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    Artwood & Freed Veneers join forces to bring the industry an exciting and totally bespoke wood veneered panel.Artwood is a UK based manufacturer of bespoke, hand finished timber flooring of the highest quality. Artwood floors are an innovation in the timber floor market and provide creative design matched with performance that has previously been unavailable. Artwood offers bespoke, hand-finished flooring of the highest quality made exclusively in the UK and is setting new standards of excellence. Artwood supplies high end residential and commercial projects internationally.

    Freed Veneers for years has travelled the world in search of exotic and decorative veneers that provide beautiful decorative veneers. Since the mid-seventies we have worked tirelessly to bring the world’s woods to connoisseurs alike. The company has been a market leader supplying the automotive, aviation, marine, furniture and design industries.

    Laurence Freed comments:
    “To work with true artists in wood finishing is a very exciting and different opportunity; there’s been nothing like it before. For those people who demand the finer things in life, we are pleased to provide a truly artistic and individual approach to wood.”

    We look forward to seeing you at the DX interiors design show London at stand T15.

    Daniel Fountain / 13.05.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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