All that glitters is Fire and Ice from Seltex

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    Get ready to adjust the thermostat for the shimmery new combination called Fire and Ice – the hottest and coolest new releases from Seltex Wallcoverings.Ice glitters with all the richness of a polished silk fabric in 18 crystalline colours from Glacé, Frost and Hail to Brilliant, Spumoni and Black Ice.

    Ice’s sensuous texture becomes the background for Fire, which turns up the heat with tiny metallic diamonds that explode in firework-bursts. Fire’s 18 colours glow in white-hot Sparkle, fiery Blaze, hazy Smoke, charred Ember and other sumptuous, sizzling shades.

    Together or individually, these patterns are sure to deliver the Wow factor. Samples are available from Seltex upon request.

    Daniel Fountain / 30.03.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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