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    The Bouroullec brothers, Ronan and Erwan, have created Aim – a light which zeros in on the recent popular trend of using lengths of cables and bare bulbs to create industrial looking lighting installations. This often results in a great visual impact if installed well, but inevitably, it still only provides woefully inadequate lighting output and poor efficiency. The Aim Light, available from design-conscious, takes this idea to a whole new level because the Bouroullecs have also embraced new lighting technology and Aim has an impressive 16W 1250 lumen 2700k LED light source.Aim is refined industrial – the designers have embraced the concept of the cable being part of the light. No longer purely functional or hidden away, instead it is used to create the volume of the chandelier whilst also freeing the light away from the centrality of what light has historically been, so you are no longer confined to hanging it from a rose in the centre of a room, you have a sprawling vine with fruits of light.

    Aim Light has a minimalist design with a shade that is simple in form combined with the chaos of the rambling trail of flex. A collision of Art and Design. An installation of light by purpose rather than accident.

    Available in Satin Black and Satin White with coordinating cable. A polished Aluminium version is planned later in 2013 for that ultra slick industrial look.

    Each Aim light has 9 metres of cable and can be used individually or in multiples, using the special multiple rose, which can feed up to 5 lights. Combined with flexibility of up/down adjustment the reflector can be altered in height and direction and positioned to aim light where it is needed, simply and without the need for tools.

    This type of modular or virally extensible idea has many advantages, not least that they allow creative flair and individualism in how they are installed. The flexibility and freedom to suit the application perfectly is down to the installation in the first instance, but then you are able to modify, change, add to and grown the design. Aim is an exciting concept. It is versatile, adjustable and extendable.

    Aim has an impressive 16W 1250 lumen 2700k LED light source. With Triac dimming possible. Mains powered, 9 metres of cable per light. Single rose or multiple rose for up to 5 Aims. Aluminium body, polycarbonate optical diffuser.

    Aim is available from

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    Daniel Fountain / 12.08.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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