ACID Intellectual Property (IP) Steering Group Scores first hit with emap!

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    Following the exciting news that emap’s IP policy is now going to be ramped up after meetings with ACID’s Dids Macdonald on behalf of the Spring & Autumn Fair IP Steering Group, a new layer of Intellectual property (IP) focus is being included in a confirmation letter to all exhibitors when they sign up to either exhibition, that they have responsibility to adhere to ALL emap’s Terms and Conditions. The letter, as well as outlining what evidence will be required to prove IP ownership, will be reminding exhibitors to confirm:

    • They own the intellectual property rights or have the right to market and sell the products on their stand
    • They do not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party
    • Their products will not be inaccurate, obscene, defamatory or disreputable
    • ‘The Exhibition Organiser’ reserves the right to remove products from stands if it believes they are infringing those of a third party

    We hope other exhibition organisers will follow the ACID IP Steering Group recommendations to ensure a safer trading environment for exhibitors and to create a stronger message, to those who do not adhere to stringent standards of IP probity, that they will run the risk of their products being removed.

    Mike McLintock of 95Percent Ltd who was a prime contributor in one of the emap/ACID meetings said, “Most media has full IP protection so it is outrageous the same is not true of the design industry. Our frustration at being unable to remove a clear copy at the last Spring Fair convinced us to challenge emap to join us in ensuring those that insist on copying pay a high penalty.”

    IP Steering Group member, Angus Gardner, on behalf of Caroline Gardner Publishing Ltd. said, “It is a great first step that emap has taken this decision to highlight to companies that they have these obligations with regard to IP integrity. It would be good to get a similar commitment from them that all the visitors to their shows have similar intent.”

    ACID’s CEO Dids Macdonald added, “The exhibition industry is worth big bucks. In the UK it is worth £9.3 billion which is no great surprise because exhibitions and trade fairs are still the most important venues and launch pads for marketing and testing new products and ranges. If exhibition organisers like emap are encouraging innovation as a key market differentiator, there is an onus to communicate a zero tolerance of IP theft to both exhibitors and visitors. Following meetings held over the past 18 months and the submission of draft documents, I am delighted that emap are tangibly supporting the creative industries with a new, revised IP focus. Having worked positively with Spring & Autumn Fairs over the last decade, providing support with the ACID Exhibition Protocol for complaint handling, this is a real USP for all existing and potential exhibitors to their exhibitions.”

    Daniel Fountain / 15.07.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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