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    In 2003, ISO 7010 was introduced – a new international standard for safety signs using pictograms that could be easily understood by everyone, regardless of their language, culture or ability. The rationale being that every country had a growing proportion of non-native speaking workers and text-based safety instructions were therefore considered inappropriate and potentially dangerous. Until now ISO 7010 has been regarded as a ‘best practice recommendation’ with the UK continuing to adhere to its own BS 5499 standard. From January 2013 this looks set to change as ISO 7010 is very likely to become a European Normative – EN 7010; in other words it will be written into European Law that the UK and other member states will have to adopt. This will have major implications for public buildings and UK businesses.Commenting on the imminent arrival of EN 7101, Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox, said, “The new European Normative 7010 standard, which is likely to be introduced shortly, will make the current ISO 7010 standard part of health and safety law in every EU member state. It means any premises required to display fire signs to convey safety information will be affected.”

    “Best practice Health and Safety guidance recommends that the two different types of signage, BS 5499 and EN 7010, should not be mixed in the workplace, so clients may need to change all their current safety signage to comply, and certainly when looking to purchase new signage they should ensure it complies with the new EN 7010 standards.

    “For some time now Signbox has been manufacturing signage that meets the ISO 7010 standard, in readiness for the European Normative 7010 standard. We recognise that for our clients keeping pace with changes in legislation of this nature can be onerous, but they can be confident that we’ll take away any such regulatory headaches and ensure that all the safety signs we install in their premises conform to current and forthcoming regulations, including the impending new EN 7010”.

    In addition to its ‘corporate’ website, Signbox has now re-launched its e-commerce shop for workplace signs. The new-look online store at www.signboxshop.co.uk features a comprehensive range of readymade workplace signs including fire escape signs that comply with EN 7010.

    Daniel Fountain / 01.02.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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