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    The recent refurbishment of the spectacular five-star Grange City Hotel has seen bespoke carpet from Axminster Carpets Commercial installed in meeting rooms, the auditorium, guestrooms and corridors. Following the recent installation of carpet from the Devon-based manufacturer at the Grange Hotel Group’s highly acclaimed Grange St Pauls Hotel, Axminster Commercial’s design team worked with the group and interior designers Buchanan Associates to develop all the designs for the City hotel.

    Wendy Purser, Buchanan Associates elaborates:

    “The design came through overlaying two pattern concepts originally developed for the Grange St Pauls Hotel. The combined organic ripple and multi-directional barcode designs capture the mood of other carpet design within the hotel, picking up on their organic base while adding a corporate slant with the strong linear focus of the bar codes. Within the conference centre the stripes also tie in well with the zebrano wood panelling and throughout we selected a colour palette that complements the existing scheme.”

    All carpet throughout the hotel is constructed from a durable 80% wool 20% nylon Home Spun yarn on Axminster Commercial’s famed Super 8 pitch looms for maximum durability and appearance retention, while upholding the luxurious underfoot comfort of traditional Axminster carpets. All have been specifically engineered to provide performance for the different requirements of individual areas.

    The refurbishment was carried out while the hotel was operational with Handflow Flooring working to a schedule to minimise disruption. Within the auditorium, the flexible floor can be raised or lowered to create staging and different seating levels. Here Handflow Flooring cut and matched the carpet into panels edged with nosings.

    Made in various widths to minimise waste, manufactured in the UK and delivered via Axminster Commercial’s dedicated vehicle fleet to minimise disruption in the day-to-day running of the hotel, the carpets have proved to be a sound ecological choice for the hotel.

    For further information telephone 01297 630630 or visit www.axminster-contractcarpets.co.uk

    Daniel Fountain / 17.01.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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