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    The specification of sanitaryware and furniture for the bathroom is unquestionably a crucial element of the overall design of the space, not only in terms of its design and aesthetics to please the eye of the hotel guest, but also on a practical level to ensure that it works in terms of housekeeping too.By investing in a quality, trusted brand of sanitaryware hotels are not only investing in products that will meet the high expectations of their guests but also ensuring they are getting a durable product that will last the test of time.

    One of the main considerations in hotel bathrooms is ease of cleaning, something that is assured with Laufen’s award-winning surface finish LCC (Laufen Clean Coat). This innovative finish seals even the tiniest pores of the ceramic glaze, making it hygienic and extremely easy to clean.

    Laufen also offers a simple ceramic shelf to co-ordinate with many of its sanitaryware ranges, including its news Palace and Living Square washbasins which have been designed specifically with the hotel bathroom in mind. The ceramic shelf sits below the basin, providing handy open storage for towels and toiletries while being easy to wipe clean.

    “Hotel bathrooms can be fairly typical in their design, whereas our products combine innovation and creativity,” comments Laufen’s Manager for Global Projects Ilker Hussein. “Take, for example, the basin area. Typically you will find a countertop or inset basin with a granite worktop. Laufen’s long basins enable the designer to create a far less commercial feel and something much more akin to what guests would choose for the bathroom in their own home. These basins give an airy feel to the space, with a bowl area and adjoining draining space eradicating the need for the granite top. A matching ceramic shelf below the basin completes the look while the entire space is kept minimal and easy to wipe clean with a simple flick of a cloth.”

    For more information on Laufen products for hotel bathroom design contact Ilker Hussein at ilker.hussein@laufen.ch

    Daniel Fountain / 10.06.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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