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Wooden floor inside empty Cambridge Novotel

Product watch: Wood flooring from sustainably managed forests

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Product watch: Wood flooring from sustainably managed forests

Havwoods, which recently presented a Product Watch Pitch at Hotel Designs LIVE during a panel discussion on the topic of sustainability, has introduced HavSeal stamp of approval to further encourage sustainable and responsible procurement of wood flooring within its supply chain…

Wooden floor inside empty Cambridge Novotel

Environmentally sustainable design is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of ecological sustainability. Over recent years, the realisation that many of our human practices are destroying the earth has led to this growing emergence of eco-design, which is increasingly being integrated, into every phase of a potential new product, from conception to completion.

In this way, when we consider the environmental impacts throughout all stages of the product development process, we more thoughtfully create eco-design products – those that aim to make the lowest possible environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.

According to Greenpeace, human consumption of natural resources has doubled over the last 30 years. Of course, we have good reasons to manufacture better and more efficiently: raw materials and natural resources are finite and, if we do not do better, they will run out.

Eco-design differs slightly from green design, which is perhaps a term more often used – it is an easy mistake to interchange the two phrases. Whereas eco-design is a more natural, organic practice from start to finish, green design focuses more upon the use of recycled materials, renewable energies and a reduction of material waste. Therefore, it is more efficient to adopt an environmentally sustainable approach from the very start.

Wood is one of the few renewable choices of building material for flooring. Other materials are derived from fossil fuels (such as plastic) or take huge amounts of energy to produce (such as concrete). In contrast, wood is a renewable, natural resource which, when managed correctly can provide an unlimited supply. But it is important to carefully monitor and apply policies to ensure that the journey of the wood is sustainable, every step of the way.

Havwoods has recently introduced HavSeal™ stamp of approval, which means that even further measures than ever before are taken to ensure sustainable and responsible procurement within their supply chain. The HavSeal stamp of approval is awarded to those products that exceed the already high standards needed to ensure entry into its portfolio. As part of this process Havwoods not only considers the origin, the legality and sustainability of each of the products but also the energy that goes into production of the product, the chemical content of the product as well as the mill’s commitment to re-using its waste.

The Green Seal award is given to products that offer extra international accreditation, identified as coming from sources that offer higher standards of energy use and waste generation. The Gold Seal is awarded to the products coming from mills that show an extreme passion and proactive approach to ecological benefits such as reusable heating for local communities, the powering of wind turbines, financing the re-introduction of animals into the forest areas and commitments to replanting forest and woodland areas.

These awards are used to encourage and educate the supply chains so that only the very best quality products are offered to the Havwoods’s customers.

Havwoods was a Product Watch Pitch partner at Hotel Designs LIVE, which took place on February 23, 2021. Read more about the virtual event here. The next Hotel Designs LIVE will take place on May 11 2021.

Main image credit: Havwoods

Arte - Essentials � Les Tricots_Chintz_73100_Roomshot_Print_UPPR

Product watch: Les Tricots by Arte, inspired by haute couture

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Product watch: Les Tricots by Arte, inspired by haute couture

Arte’s latest wallcovering collection, Les Tricots, is a celebration of haute couture – think unique printing methods and the use of velvety soft yarns. Hotel Designs explores the power of fashion in design…

Arte - Essentials � Les Tricots_Chintz_73100_Roomshot_Print_UPPR

Following the recent launch of Cameo, which is a collection that embraces imperfection in nature, already it has been a busy year for wallcovering brand Arte – and by the looks of things, the year has only just begun.

Les Tricots is latest collection that has made it onto our editorial radar, which intricately creates the illusion of rich fabrics and elaborate textiles thanks to the combination of unique printing methods and the use of velvety soft yarns.

The new collection consists of five different patterns including the versatile Boucle and Tulle, intricately detailed Cashmere and Sergé, as well as the showstopping Chintz, offered in an explosive colour palette of blue, green and red.

Arte is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Arte

Blue modular wall

Product watch: make more of your walls with Modular by Granorte

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Product watch: make more of your walls with Modular by Granorte

Modular is a 3D tile from cork pioneer Granorte that brings Mondrian linearity to walls…

Using CNC machined linear grooves in three geometric designs, Modular lets you explore the forms typified by Piet Mondrian’s works on walls. Installed in combinations and arrangements, the large format cork tiles create an aesthetic that balances natural elements with manmade form.

Blue modular wall

Each lightweight Modular tile is made from 100 per cent recycled cork, a by-product of the wine stopper industry and retains the acoustic and thermal benefits of the material. Helping spaces feel warmer and quieter, cork is an ideal renewable natural material for wall and floor finishes.

Available in four complementing shades – Dark, Pearl, Smoke, Bluemoon and Terracotta – Modular is protected with Granorte’s water-based CORKGUARD®. This protective lacquer finish ensures that the tiles can withstand commercial use, remaining resistant to marks and easy to clean.

Paulo Rocha, from Granorte, commented: “Cork is a versatile natural material that has great properties for projects focused on creating a comforting space for occupiers. At Granorte, we look to provide designers with products that allow them to use the finish in surprising ways. Modular is just such a product, offering a distinctly contemporary wall tile that embraces the natural aesthetic of cork in a fresh and interesting way.”

The tile is available in a 580mm x 580mm x 7mm format for glue-on application. Granorte was founded in 1972 and has been at the forefront of finding ways to reuse waste cork ever since. With a broad range of wall and floor finishes, as well as furniture, sanitary ware and lighting, the Portuguese company is undoubtedly a pioneer in cork.

Granorte is one of our Industry Support Package clients and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Granorte

TREND ALERT // Black moves into the bathroom

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TREND ALERT // Black moves into the bathroom

We love a trend alert at Hotel Designs, especially one that challenges conventional design aesthetics. Here, UK Bathrooms identifies how and why black is back in the modern bathroom…

As we enter the shorter months, we’re embracing dark tones and welcoming them into the wash space as we mirror the early nights and moody skies on the horizon.

“Black is a wonderful shade to meditate to and allows overtaxed minds a moment of tranquillity.” – Graeme Borchard, Managing Director at UK Bathrooms.

Why black?

One of the biggest changes in bathroom design in recent years has been its evolution from a functional space, designed with efficiency rather than aesthetics in mind, into a room for enjoyment and wellbeing. The surge in time spent in the bathroom in 2020 especially, saw the bathroom become a place to unwind and enjoy moments of peace in; as other areas of the home became spaces to work, teach and multitask, the bathroom took on the role of a sanctuary. “Black has moved into the bathroom as homeowners are seeking a space for privacy and relaxation as busy lives get busier,’ explains Graeme Borchard, Managing Director at UK Bathrooms. “Black is a wonderful shade to meditate to and allows overtaxed minds a moment of tranquillity, which is what today’s bathroom is all about.”

How to style a black bathroom

This trend is all about maximum darkness – for the greatest effect, opt for black across as many surfaces and objects in the space as possible to create a calming, cave-like cocoon that’s impactful without overstimulating the senses. Pay attention to textures; mix in different black finishes and materials, from glossy glazes to matt and brushed metals, to create a space which is indulgent and immersive while maintaining the feeling of shelter and protection.

Black fixtures and fittings

The newest launches from a host of luxury brands have been doused in darkness. Shower heads, taps, mixers, screens, panels and all of the fittings in-between, it’s clear that the finish of the moment is deepest black. Be it Matt Black, hansgrohe’s biggest finish of the year which covers the Metropol mixer range, and 53-piece Talis E collection, or the extensive range of Matt Black brassware and bathroom accessories of Crosswater’s MPRO range. Most of Abacus’s range can be covered in black via its Colour My Bathroom offering, and Saneux and Roper Rhodes both have extensive dark collections.

Large black bathroom pieces

Chunkier bathroom objects of all styles are also being coated in rich black. Victoria and Albert’s freestanding baths take on an edgy yet sensuous feel when their soft curves are realised in black. Along with its brassware, much of VitrA’s ceramicware and storage pieces comes in a slick black finish which transforms them into giant sculptural objects. Villeroy and Boch’s ultra-modern Avento vanity units are finished in glossy Crystal Black, the brand’s Antheus unit brings natural texture in black ash, and UK Bathroom’s Essentials Black Square Edge Bath Screen is a whimsical take on the trend, a semi-transparent slice of shadow hovering over the shower. In the traditional sphere, the Sarah Georgian basin and washstand by Burlington is composed of decorative black aluminium and black marble.

“Black is incredibly versatile, contemporary and chic,” says Borchard. “Black elements in the bathroom create an edge, making a statement while remaining timeless and enduring.” Finish the look with as much black flooring, tiling and paint as you dare, or try a black feature zone around either the sink, bath or shower to add more subtle wow factor.

UK Bathrooms is one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email  Katy Phillips by clicking here.

Main image credit: UK Bathrooms