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On Her Majesty’s service: Mitre Linen awarded renewal of Royal Warrant

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On Her Majesty’s service: Mitre Linen awarded renewal of Royal Warrant

Mitre Linen has announced that it has once again been awarded Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Warrant…

Mitre Linen, one of the country’s leading suppliers of bed linen, bedding, towelling products and soft furnishings to the hospitality industry in the UK and beyond, is delighted to announce it has once again been awarded Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Warrant.

“I am absolutely thrilled to share the news that Mitre Linen has again been granted a Royal Warrant, which is a testament to the outstanding customer service and quality products the company is renowned for,”Nisbets Group CEO Klaus Goeldenbot said. “I congratulate the team at Mitre for all their hard work in earning this great honour from the Royal Household of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Based in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, Mitre Linen has proudly held HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1955.  As Royal Warrants are reviewed every five years, this now confirms that Mitre Linen will hold the honour until 2025.

Mitre Linen’s General Manager, Kate Gough said: “Our team work so hard to ensure we meet the high levels of quality and service required to earn this honour, so we are really proud to be recognised in this way.”

The company has a reputation for quality and reliability, and supplies its extensive range of products to the hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and laundry industries worldwide.

By embracing innovation, Mitre Linen has remained at the forefront of design and product developments in the field of textiles for over 70 years.  Recent developments have included the launch of its Eco range of bedding and towelling, made from ethically-produced, recycled and organic products.

The company was established in 1946 in Wardrobe Place by St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. The name ‘Mitre’ comes from the elaborate headwear the bishop of the church wore. Mitre was first awarded a Royal Warrant in 1955. In 2000, the company relocated to Wales. In 2016, Mitre Linen was acquired by Nisbets Group.

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Mitre Linen’s top tips to creating a healthy and hygienic sleep environment

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Head of procurement at Mitre Linen, Phillip James, explores the importance of creating a healthy and hygienic sleep environment for your guests and what measures you can take to ensure they can relax in the knowledge that your beds are clean and fresh…

Ensuring that your hotel has exemplary hygiene measures for your guests is a necessity, especially when mattresses and pillows are ideal breeding grounds for dust mites. These microscopic bugs are invisible to the naked eye, however enzymes in the fesses of the dust mite are the second largest cause of allergies in the UK.

Considering that the average person produces between one to two pints of perspiration per night, mattresses and pillows are often the most invested areas due to the constant supply of dead skin cells, moisture and heat from our bodies.

“Dust mite are the second largest cause of allergies in the UK”

Given the significant investments that hotels make in beds, mattresses, pillows and duvets, protecting these assets offers a dual benefit. Guests sleep well with a reduced risk of allergies and hoteliers safeguard their property while extending the lifespan.

Experts in all things related to beds and bedding, Mitre Linen provides expert advice on how hoteliers can provide guests with a hygienic sleep environment and protect their investments.


A mattress represents a considerable financial investment and is worthy of protection against spills, mishaps and untimely deterioration. Today, hotel owners and operators are becoming increasingly convinced of the need to protect against fluids, dust mites and bed bugs and a mattress protector will help to maintain the quality and cleanliness of mattresses.  There are a whole host of mattress protectors and mattress encasements available, here Mitre Linen recommend their favourites:

For accidents and spills, the Cushion Cloud Protector is a must, this cushioned mattress protector provides luxurious comfort with its jacquard knit weave, and it is also waterproof and provides allergy protection for mattresses.

“With more than 5.4 million people in the UK suffering from asthma, the importance of keeping your beds and bedding free from dust mites is becoming more prevalent.”

For total mattress protection, then a Mattress Encasement that fastens around the whole mattress is essential. The Protect A Bed Buglock Plus Encasement is bed bug-escape and entry-proof as well as waterproof and has been test-washed over 200 times to ensure quality and durability.

If budget is a concern, the Mitre Linen Essentials Polyrest Mattress Protector is generously thick and this moisture-resistant protector features a 25cm deep skirt, is easy to launder and will help to prevent mattresses becoming damaged.


Considering that within two years, approximately one third of a pillow’s weight is made up of dead skin, dust mites, oil and dirt then protecting pillows is a given.

The Allerzip Smooth Pillow Protector from the Mitre Comfort range saves pillows from contaminants which affect the lifespan and smell of pillows which guests will be quick to notice. The protector is both waterproof and breathable, allowing water vapour to escape. With a handy zip it is also easy to fit and to remove for washing.

The Comfort Quiltop Pillow Protector is an economical housewife flap pillow protector featuring a Hollowfibre filling and polyester cover. It keeps pillows free from spills, stains and excess moisture to preserve their lifespan and keep odours neutralised.

In addition to using mattress and pillow protectors, consider these two recommendations from Mitre Linen:

1) Wash bed linen on a high temperature

Washing bed linen on a high temperature will help to kill bacteria. 100% cotton bed linen can be washed on a high temperature (always check the care labels); not only will this ensure that your beds are thoroughly cleaned, but it will also help to maintain the crisp, white appearance of your bed linen, so beds will look and feel fresh.

2) Consider the type of duvet and pillows

With more than 5.4 million people in the UK suffering from asthma, the importance of keeping your beds and bedding free from dust mites is becoming more prevalent and with bedding and mattresses being renowned for harbouring dust, this can cause many issues that will affect sleep quality. Choosing an anti-allergenic duvet and pillow, like the Healthy Living Range can help provide a healthier sleep environment. Treated with a special Estlon fibre, these duvets and pillows comprise of a reduced fungal level of up to 99.99 per cent in comparison to untreated fibres.

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Mitre Linen’s Top UK Hotel Room Attendants Named

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Mitre Linen’s Room Attendant of the Year Awards recipients announced…

Winner: Tad Janeczek of Chilston Park Hotel, Kent
Runner Up: Anna Lupton of Carr House Farm B&B, York

The winner and the runner up of the Mitre Linen Room Attendant of the Year Award 2018 have been named.

Finishing the competition in runner up, and receiving £500 Mitre Linen voucher was Anna Lupton of Carr House Farm B&B, York. ““I am so excited to accept this award and feel incredibly proud,” said Lupton. “It’s really important to me that our guests have a fantastic experience when they stay here and I like to ensure that the rooms are perfect.  If I can offer something a little extra to make their stay even better, then that’s what I will do.”

Taking the crown, though, of the Mitre Linen’s Room Attendent of the Year and winning the top prize of £750 Mitre Linen voucher was Tad Janeczek of Chilston Park Hotel, Kent. “I love working at Chilston Park Hotel, the team here are absolutely fantastic,” said Janeczek. “Working as a room attendant is an amazing career and I really enjoy making our guests feel welcome and ensuring that they have the best experience when they stay with us.  Winning this award is just incredible and I am truly thrilled.”

Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action, had the “unbelievably difficult” task of determining the winner and runner up between the six finalists. “I was thoroughly impressed with all of the entries received, the standard of housekeeping was incredible and a credit to all of the establishments who nominated a room attendant,” Lewis said at the awards. “Tad and Anna impressed me with their overall dedication to their profession and their continuous strive to achieve perfection for their guests.”

The 2018 Room Attendant of the Year Awards give well-deserved recognition to this key role as a part of the smooth running of a hotel. A hotel’s room attendants help maintain the good reputation of the hotel where they work by providing high-quality service and upholding impeccable room standards.

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Interior of Stand Art Hotel

Top 5 stories of the week: Russian-doll hotels, culture clashes and openings in the City of Design

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Hotel Designs editor Hamish Kilburn breaks down the week with the top five stories…

With our focus this month being on fabrics, textiles and soft furnishings, weaving together this week’s top five stories has been one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Mitre Linen has put the topic of soft furnishings firmly in the spotlight to unveil new ways in which hotels can stand out from the crowd. In other news, hotel group IHG seems to be going from strength to strength, unveiling yet another Hotel Indigo property, this time in the City of Design in Dundee, Scotland. In rather apt form, with the World Cup final fast approaching, our editorial team have been busy to uncover the best design hotels in Russia. On top of all this, SLEEP + EAT, which takes shelter under a new roof this year at London’s Olympia, has unveiled the themes and designers for this year’s Sleep Sets, while SB Architects unveils two rather unusual hotels in China.

And breathe… Here are the top five stories of the week!

1) IHG Hotel Indigo unveiled in Dundee, the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design 

Modern restaurant

Topping our charts this week is the new arrival of a funky hotel in the City of Design… InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has opened Hotel Indigo® Dundee, in one of Europe’s rising design destinations – Dundee, Scotland. Once famous for its textiles, the city’s industrial spaces are now filled with artists and collectives, including a thriving gaming community who have helped turn Dundee into the creative heart of the world’s computer games industry.

2) Sleep Sets for SLEEP + EAT 2018 introduces unusual partnerships 

Sleep + Eat has announced the theme for this year’s Sleep Sets, as well as the four design companies inspired to create the concept rooms. The challenge for each designer is to partner with a brand but, in the tradition of Sleep + Eat, these brands are not the usual suspects. HBA London will be working with the Natural History MuseumDenton Corker Marshall will tackle West Ham Football ClubYasmine Mahmoudieh is to pair with Penguin Modern Classics; and AB Concept will collaborate with Maison Pierre Hermé Paris. Each Sleep Set designer has been tasked with creating a guestroom concept based on their partner brand’s aesthetic and values. Innovative and engaging, the sets will facilitate new and imaginative ways for visitors to interact with the selected brands.

3) East meets west at two new Chateau-style winery boutique hotels in China 

SB Architects has announced several new planned communities and destinations in China, including two new winery boutique hotels. From winery resorts in Dalian and Beijing to mixed-use developments in emerging areas, SB Architects has announced master planned projects for its Chinese clients looking to capitalise on the China’s growing luxury lifestyle industry.

4) SOFT FURNISHINGS: Colour, clean identity and a sprinkle of inspiration from musical icons

Heritage Serenity range from Mitre

Image caption: Heritage Serenity range from Mitre

Simon O’Mahony, Managing Director of Mitre Linen, explains how soft furnishings, linen and colour can help a hotel stand out from the crowd. Hospitality is a congested market, and customers are increasingly discerning with a huge range of options to choose from. In short, it’s crucial to stand out by having a clear identity which extends into every room of your hotel. Having a well-defined offering clearly positions your business and makes it more appealing to particular customers. What’s more, using colour can help bring the values of your business into every room.

5) Top 7 design hotels in Russia

Image Credit: Flickr, Deensel

Riddled in history, Russia holds many hotel gems within its borders. In recent years, hospitality has also been on the rise with a boom in hotel development. TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database recently confirmed this by announcing that Russia has 96 projects upcoming hotels that are slated to shelter 18,437 rooms. Of these projects, 49 percent of the hotels are being planned to open in 2021 or beyond, while a whopping 17 per cent are expected to open this year.

With this in mind, and as the eyes of the world focus on the host nation in the lead up to the FIFA World Cup final, our editorial team did some digging to unveil the best design hotels in Russia – and here they are in no particular order.


SOFT FURNISHINGS: Colour, clean identity and a sprinkle of inspiration from musical icons

800 533 Hamish Kilburn

Simon O’Mahony, Managing Director of Mitre Linen, explains how soft furnishings, linen and colour can help a hotel stand out from the crowd…

Hospitality is a congested market, and customers are increasingly discerning with a huge range of options to choose from. In short, it’s crucial to stand out by having a clear identity which extends into every room of your hotel. Having a well-defined offering clearly positions your business and makes it more appealing to particular customers. What’s more, using colour can help bring the values of your business into every room.

Colour experts Pantone have outlined eight key palettes which will lead colour trends in 2018. Understanding and integrating these into hotel rooms will help to emphasise the luxurious decadence of a countryside spa or add a splash of vibrancy to a city centre base. What’s more, using soft furnishings and linen to celebrate these trends is an attractive and luxurious alternative to a complete overhaul, without the associated expense. These eight trends are:


Playful colours are for those who don’t take life too seriously. With a palette dominated by yellows and lime greens, these shades can work brilliantly in informal communal spaces such as coffee bars and dining spaces. Bringing this trend into individual rooms can add a zest of bright playfulness, whilst throw cushions are the ideal way of adding a spark which can still be moved to reveal the blissful tranquillity of classic white bed linen.


Pantone suggest that Discretion is Playful’s more responsible elder sibling, offering refinement and subtlety to quality hotel spaces. Led by rustic elderberry and fern tones, Discretion is a vital part of the luxurious accoutrements of bespoke accommodation. Use it to draw the eye to finishing touches such as Mitre Linen’s Chatsworth or Reflections bed runners.

Heritage Serenity range from Mitre

Image caption: Heritage Serenity range from Mitre Linen


Taking its name from lush greenery, the Verdure palette is all about emphasising health and vitality. Perfect for spas, country retreats and eco-conscious premises, typical Verdure colours include paler celery greens and organic berry purple. The Comfort Enigma massage couch cover from Mitre Linen is ideal for offering Verdure’s serene and relaxing qualities, whilst Nova towels are available in mint green tones for a delicious alternative to classic white spa towels.


Far-fetched but not inconceivable, this palette is all about recreating the fragrances of a Moroccan bazaar or the sights and sounds of a bustling Beijing backstreet. Warm, earthy and terracotta tones dominate here, highlighted with carefully chosen rose and peach items. Why not try using Mitre Linen’s Mocha sheets and valances as a basis for your exotic oasis and draw customers’ eyes with contrasting finishing touches.

Hint: Before committing to the far-fetched palette – make sure it suits your location – will guests expect an exciting and exotic experience?


Are you feeling brave? The Resourceful palette explodes with bold contrasts of rich velvet blues and classic burned oranges. Redefining classic 1960’s London chic, Resourceful requires flair and creativity to integrate into your hotel rooms and can be built around signature pieces of period furniture. Dazzle patterns are also great for creating pulsating clashes that make for memorable spaces.

Of course, this palette isn’t necessarily associated with rest and relaxation, so party-oriented boutiques and socially-driven aparthotels are Resourceful’s key markets. Build a bold backdrop with the geometric pattern of Mitre Linen’s Essentials Sweden curtains or introduce the rich blues of the Essentials Spectrum navy collection.


As the name may suggest, TECH-nique celebrates the rise of technology and the way this influences our lives. Frosted colours dominate here, as do hot flamingo pinks and turquoise tones. TECH-nique embraces utilitarian and simple design and is the efficient way to add quirk to entry level rooms. Use sparingly and rely on the enduring appeal of clean and crisp whites in order to carry this palette.


Intricacy is an abundance of neutral metallics with flourishes of dramatic berry red and yellow. Ideal for glorifying a penthouse suite or creating dramatic dining and entertaining spaces, Intricacy needs to be led by bold furniture choices and celebrated with the luxurious feel and striking looks of Mitre Linen’s Sovereign bedspreads.


Pantone’s final palette is easily their most bold. Intensity is… intense. Blacks and golds make for intensely strong looks for that strictly presidential vibe. Whilst obviously not suitable for an entire room, carefully using Intensity can create dramatic dressing spaces and premium, luxurious suites.

Nostalgia Sky runners from Mitre Linen

Image caption: Nostalgia Sky runners from Mitre Linen

What’s fashionable for hotel rooms in 2018?

Pantone’s Colour of The Year rings throughout the fashion world and 2018’s colour is Ultra-Violet. As Pantone state: Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality.”

In such a competitive and unpredictable hospitality environment, maybe adding some Bowie to your bedrooms isn’t a bad idea.

Opinion: Mitre Linen - Keeping hotel guests cool

Opinion: Mitre Linen – Keeping hotel guests cool

1000 548 Daniel Fountain

A hot and stuffy hotel room is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Research suggests that if the temperature of a room is too high, then it will take longer for an individual to fall asleep and, when they finally do, this sleep can be disturbed leading to guests feeling irritable in the morning.

So how can you make sure your rooms – and your guests – remain cool and comfortable throughout the summer months?

Here Chris Tame, Mitre Linen’s National Sales Manager, provides us with his expert tips and advice to ensure that your guests experience a refreshing night’s sleep – even on the warmest of evenings.

1. Choose crisp cotton bed linen
Pure 100% cotton is a breathable fabric, which means it has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin. This will keep your beds and your guests feeling cool and fresh all night long. Cotton is also soft to the touch and is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric which can also promote a comfortable sleeping environment. The higher the thread count, then the tighter the weave of the fabric, which adds to both its luxuriousness and its durability. Look for bed linen made with 100% cotton and with a thread count over 200 for a soft, luxurious and cooling feel.

2. Try a summer duvet
This is a good time of the year to replace a winter duvet with a lighter summer weight duvet – or to opt for an all year round 10.5 tog duvet so you don’t have to change them seasonally. Microfibre duvets are particularly good throughout the warmer summer months as, although they are light, they still feel luxurious and snuggly to sleep under. Choose one with a 100% cotton cover to promote an even cooler and crisp environment.

3. Shop around for innovative products
Small details can make a big difference to a guest’s stay, which is why we love the Coolguard pillow protector. Thanks to its innovative temperature controlled property, this ‘cool to touch’ pillow protector is designed to offer a peaceful cooling sensation. Offering these sort of innovative products provides your guests with the ultimate sleep solutions and also adds to their overall experience of their stay.

4. Replace heavy velour bathrobes for waffle weave
Nothing makes your guests feel special like a super snug bathrobe, but throughout the warmer months some guests may not welcome this gesture as much. I always advise my customers to provide their guests with a lighter bathrobe during the summer so they can still enjoy a little indulgence after bathing. Opt for a waffle weave design which will be lightweight yet soft to the touch.

Opinion: Mitre Linen - Keeping hotel guests cool5. Remember the little touches
Help to keep your guests cool by providing them with complimentary bottles of still and sparkling water in their rooms, kept refreshingly cool in the mini-bar. Why not also provide them with a friendly letter to make them feel welcomed whilst informing them of the gesture.

For more helpful tips and advice, call our friendly team on 01685 353 4456.


Torquay B&B Tyndale wins AA 5 stars after Mitre Linen makeover

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A boutique B&B in Torquay has been given an AA 5 stars B&B award plus a breakfast award thanks to the help of a Mitre Linen makeover. Daniel Kilik and Andrew Burton run Tyndale, a contemporary boutique B&B in the coastal resort.

They invited Mitre Linen to work closely with them to help them achieve a unique look for each of their guest rooms. Laura Webber, Mitre’s Regional Sales Manager, visited their B&B to advise on the best products for both the property and their guests.

As Daniel and Andrew were looking for something unique, Laura recommended that they use Mitre’s bespoke soft furnishings service, where they could choose from countless prints and fabrics and be guided throughout the project.

One room was given a striking geometric look and feel using black and gold while another was transformed with on trend denim colours and a crushed velvet headboard in silver for the beautiful new bed.

Taking inspiration from a room’s green wallpaper, another bedroom was given a crisp new look using curtains, runners and a mixture of cushions in Rhapsody aqua fabric. They also bought the Duke toppers from the Heritage range plus Tencel pillows and Microfibre duvets from the Luxury range as well as luxurious white bathrobes.

Daniel said: “When we took over the property in 2011, it was a run-down 3 star rated guest house in desperate need of some love and attention.

“With their industry knowledge, Mitre Linen have helped us create unique, elegant and contemporary boutique rooms for our guests.

“Their work has allowed us to re-launch as a boutique Bed and Breakfast and we are already seeing the benefits. Not only has our refurbishment and attractive new look helped us to achieve an increase in our room rates, but we now hold AA 5 stars plus a breakfast award.

Tyndale“Our guests have given us a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor and we have been praised for our ‘beautiful decoration’, ‘immaculate rooms’ and ‘high standard finish’.”

Mitre Linen’s Laura Webber said: “Daniel had a very clear vision of how he wanted the rooms to look – all contemporary and individual and each totally different. We spent time working together choosing colours and fabrics to complement each room’s colour scheme and he was very welcoming to my ideas. He was thrilled with the results and has had some wonderful feedback from guests on how stunning his rooms are.

“We love helping hoteliers in their refurbishment and, as an experienced hospitality provider for over 70 years, we understand that every establishment is unique.”

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Mitre Linen - Bathroom accesories

Mitre Linen: How to transform a hotel bathroom in 7 steps

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Hotel and B&B guests wants to be able to relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful bathroom setting. So how can you make sure your bathrooms make a big statement and add to a guest’s experience of their stay?

Chris Tame, Mitre Linen’s National Sales Manager, says: “Even when they are regularly renovated, hotel bathrooms tend to be heavily used by guests which makes them easy to look tired.”

Here he gives his tips to refresh a bathroom in a cost effective way to ensure the rooms are not out of action for any length of time…

1. Update your bathroom blinds
Windows are a focal point in any room which makes it important to regularly update and refresh your bathroom blinds. With heavy use, they can easily become splashed with shower gel, toothpaste and even make-up over time. Updating your bathroom blinds gives you the chance to tie the look of the room in with your chosen colour scheme. Or, if you want to make a statement, bright blinds can bring a pop of colour to a bathroom. Using lighter coloured fabric shades in your bathroom blinds will allow more sunlight to filter into the room while still maintaining privacy.

2. Refresh your bathroom towels
Super soft white towels that smell clean and fresh are high on the list of what B&B guests want. We also know that half of guests think an establishment is better if it provides branded towels and 60% prefer a large bath sheet to a large towel. Providing wonderfully heavyweight towels is an attention to detail that can help to create a truly tranquil experience for guests. Indulge your guests with luxuriously soft 600gsm pure cotton for a crisp clean look for your bathroom or try microcotton Turkish towels which have the ability to absorb water almost instantaneously.

Mitre Linen - Bathroom accesoriesIf you want to co-ordinate your towels with your colour scheme, consider 100% coloured towels which come in shades ranging from navy and chocolate to blue and mint. Alternatively, the towel border can be colour matched with the hotel’s desired Pantone. For a more bespoke experience, why not embroider your logo on towels.

3. Upgrade essential extras
Consider the little touches which can make a difference to a bathroom. As well as providing useful storage solutions such as simple glass jars and bottles, update your bathroom bins, tissue holders and hair dryers. Creating a neat and uncluttered room will help to make the space aesthetically pleasing for your guests.

4. Renew your shower curtains
Shower curtains are heavily used and it is important to update and renew them before they start to look tired. Go for 100% polyester and consider whether to choose from an innovative hookless shower curtain with a detachable backing which you can easily remove to wash and simply re-attach with poppers, or a plain hook shower curtain.

Mitre Linen - Bathroom accesories5. Re-grout your tiles
Refresh your bathroom tiles by re-grouting them. This is a cost effective way to revitalise your bathroom and make it look like new again. It also helps to prevent any water leaks from occurring.

6. Add an element of luxury with bathrobes and slippers
Exceed your guest’s expectations and bring a touch of luxury to your bathrooms with a sumptuous, fluffy bathrobe and an indulgent pair of slippers for your guests to sink their feet into. A wonderfully soft bathrobe and slippers – embroidered with your company logo – can make guests feel special. Bathrobes come in a variety of fabric options from waffle weave and polyester to 100% cotton and heavyweight velour. You can even offer your guests bathrobes for the whole family with a range of smaller sizes now available for children.

7. Ensure bathroom safety
Ensure safety while bathing with a non-slip rubber bath mat. Practical and good value, these mats are slip-resistant and are anti-fungal treated.

For more helpful tips and advice, call our friendly team on 01685 353 454.