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Lighting the way: two new mirror designs from Bauhaus announced

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The Bauhaus range by Crosswater has revealed two new designs for its illuminated bathroom mirrors range. The new designs, Mike Pro and Dune, are launching among the range of contemporary LED mirrors looking to naturally, stylishly and unobtrusively assist with daily routines.

The designs offer a range of smart design features, including sensor on/off switches and colour changing illumination, these multifunctional mirrors look to not only provide a practical feature in the bathroom but also act as a stylish focal point too.

Designed to offer the latest in functional bathroom technology, the new Dune mirror boasts smart features throughout combined with sleek, up-to-the-minute styling. Beautifully illuminated from all angles, this smart mirror features the next generation of LED lighting, offering superior performance using the lowest possible energy consumption.

Operated via the mirror’s touch-sensitive controls, which are marked in three subtle sandblasted symbols, users can control the light’s on/off function, its brightness and a choice of three ambient illuminations: cool, warm and daylight. Going for simplicity the Mike Pro mirror is available in two sizes for landscape and portrait hanging, the simple form and classic framed illumination means that this design will coordinate effortlessly in any bathroom scheme.

Controlled by a clever PIR sensor discreetly placed on the mirror’s underside, users can turn the light on and off with a simple hand motion, making it both hygienic and easy to use.

For more information, you can visit Crosswater’s official site

Duravit illuminated mirror range

Product Spotlight: Duravit designs a modular illuminated mirror collection

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Lights on! With its new illuminated mirror elements, designer bathroom manufacturer Duravit presents individual light sources for every bathroom.

The right light ensures the ideal illumination of both the room and the user. With immediate effect, Duravit has launched the “Light and Mirrors” product series, a new, modular range of illuminated mirrors that meets a host of requirements in terms of comfort and practicality. The light profile, switch system, size and mirror heating can be individually selected to meet personal needs. The entire mirror portfolio is compatible with all Duravit products and provides impressive value.

Duravit illuminated mirror range

There are three different light profiles to choose from: ambient light on all four sides, an illuminated area at the top edge of the mirror or two areas at the sides for optimum lighting scenarios. State-of-the-art LED technology with ambient lighting along all four sides creates a so called wall-wash effect: four homogeneous light sources are attached to the back for uniform illumination of the wall surrounding the mirror. This indirect light produces an atmospheric effect.

Duravit illuminated mirror range

LEDs are also used in the two models with illumination at the sides. Here, however, a special profile deflects the light onto the matt lighting areas. This creates a homogeneous and rimless light source for optimum illumination of the user.

Duravit illuminated mirror range

‘Good’ – ‘Better’ – ‘Best’
All three light profiles are available in several design variants. For the ‘Good’ version, Duravit offers a classic wall-mounted switch. Alternatively, for the ‘Better’ variant, they can be supplied with a sensor switch on the lower edge of the mirror. The sensor switch, ambient light at the lower edge for washing-area illumination, and mirror heating offer maximum comfort in the ultimate ‘Best’ mirror. The heating of the mirror surface prevents it from misting and ensures a clear view. The new Duravit mirrors are available in four widths from 60 cm to 120 cm. The basic mirror, developed especially for small bathrooms, is 40-cm wide and available exclusively with a wall-mounted switch.

This variety of options offers great scope for design lovers, while still offering a very attractive price category. //
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Gallery Direct mirrors

Product Spotlight: New mirrors from Gallery Direct

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Gallery Direct already had an incredibly extensive range of diverse, individually designed mirrors; however, they have recently added over 40 new ones to their collection.

Providing a touch of individual boldness, these stunning new mirrors demonstrate attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship combined with graceful design flair.

Their new mirrors feature antique brass, bronze and metallic finishes and an evolved industrial look to give a more sophisticated feel with a warmer colour palette and refined shapes, to offer aesthetically pleasing and on trend products that can suit a range of interiors. They have also introduced a selection of stunning accent and feature mirror frames using hand crafted mosaic and crackle glass; these bring a touch of elegant sophistication and stunning textures creating perfect design statements.

From burnished metallic or crackled glitz to simple or daring designs, there is a mirror to add personality to any interior. The eye-catching Rickman features bevelled mirror pieces creatively framing the main mirror, whereas the Claremont is a beautiful feature mirror.
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Mirror focus - Gallery Direct's range of mirrors

Mirror Focus: Make a statement with Gallery Direct’s selection of mirrors

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If you need to make a statement, present classic charm or create a quirky detail Gallery Direct have an ideal selection of mirrors to enhance your rooms.

From a grand entrance to a humble washroom. Gallery mirrors have a diverse collection of individually designed pieces which add life and sparkle to a room that paint pictures with reflections and simply make rooms look bigger. Never underestimate the power of a mirror to add a feature to a room, quite apart from being a functional item to check your make up.

Mirror focus - Gallery Direct's range of mirrors

Keith Clarke, Contracts manager at Gallery Direct has been responsible for many hotel and hospitality installations recently and is happy to advise on the right mirror to create the right effect.

Muckrach Country House Hotel has a classically designed over mantle mirror, the Thornby Silver, in the elegant hallway, Valois feature mirrors in selected rooms and Burwell gold mirrors over dressing tables.

Mirror focus - Gallery Direct's range of mirrors

Mirrors incorporated as pieces of furniture are also very popular to complete a look as used at Catthorpe Manor Hotel. French inspired collections include dressing table mirrors with drawers and beautiful Cheval mirrors used as functional accent pieces from the Chic and Spire ranges.

More contemporary and quirky styles are also used to great effect to create a different look in other environments.

To view the 2016 Design Directory, click on or call 01494 551960

Stratus 60 - Stratus by HiB

Product Spotlight: Easy bathroom storage with Stratus by HiB

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HiB is continuing in its unrelenting mission to help consumers to make their bathrooms beautiful with its stunning new Stratus bathroom cabinet range.

A must-have for any retailer, the Stratus is the ideal choice for discerning customers seeking a storage solution which isn’t just slick in design but guaranteed to inject a real ‘wow’ factor into their bathroom.

Offering a real look of luxury, the cabinets boast a sleek, angular form for a look which is super contemporary, while LED lighting, both outside and inside, ensures a beautiful illumination from every angle. In addition, the integration of heated pads in the mirror doors ensures they keep consistently clear.

Further features include integrated charging sockets, suitable for toothbrushes, shavers & trimmers, and a clever sensor switch whereby users simply need to wave their hand by the sensor to turn the light on and off. Furthermore, double-sided mirror doors mean consumers can use a mirror when the door is even open.

Steve Kaye, marketing manager at HiB comments: “While the bathroom cabinet was once considered quite a low priority in the design chain, recent years have seen it take precedence as more consumers recognise the huge impact it can have on their bathroom look and feel.

“With this in mind, Stratus has been designed to provide the height of cool contemporary design for the style-conscious consumer while ticking all the functional boxes – ensuring broad appeal for all styles and tastes.”
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Zircon mirror range by HiB

Product Spotlight: Zircon mirror by HiB

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Retailers looking to leverage the growing demand for luxury bathroom accessories need look no further than HiB’s new Zircon mirror range.

Guaranteed to ensure broad appeal, the Zircon features a stunning LED illuminated frame giving brilliant quality light ideal for putting on make-up or using the tweezers. Its sleek form and slim depth makes it ideal even in small bathrooms, while the reflection of light creates an illusion of extra space.

More so, there’s no need to get all steamed up about shaving with the Zircon mirror with the integration of a heated pad helping to keep everything crystal clear. It is also operated by a sensor whereby users just need to wave their hand to turn the light on or off.

Zircon can be hung either portrait or landscape and is available in sizes 50cm, 60cm and 80cm.

Ash Chilver, sales director at HiB comments: “Zircon is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for consumers looking to make a real style statement in their bathroom; injecting a contemporary appeal while also creating the illusion of more space and light. With sharp styling and sleek operation, we predict this as the next best-seller amongst our popular mirror portfolio.”

For further information please visit

Ambience illuminated mirror by HiB

Product Spotlight: Ambience illuminated mirrors by HiB

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HiB is continuing to push boundaries in bathroom mirror innovation with the launch of its beautiful and incredibly innovative new Ambience range.

In an industry first, the Ambience mirror offers a cool to warm white selector via a small touch switch. This enables users to fluctuate between the extremes of warm and cool illumination, and anything in between, in order to pick the perfect lighting to match their bathroom style or the time of day.

Equally, style is accounted for. Simple yet striking in design, the Ambience features a contemporary, curved rectangular form and elegant backlit glow, creating the perfect bathroom focal point and adding a real ‘wow factor’.

Ambience illuminated mirror by HiB

As with all HiB mirrors, the Ambiance range is fitted with a heated pad to keep it steam free and crystal clear at all times. Also, each mirror employs the latest in LED technology resulting in not only a brilliant illumination but optimal energy saving – with LED’s typically offering energy savings of up to 80%.

The Ambience range is available in sizes 50, 60 and 120 and be hung either landscape or portrait to suit the space and style of the bathroom concept.

Steve Kaye, marketing director at HiB comments: “As a business committed to product excellence, we’re always trying to enhance our product range to provide the ultimate solution for customers.

Ambience illuminated mirror by HiB

“Inherently, we’ve found that the majority of consumers are simply not aware of the dramatic difference which the choice of light colouring can bring to their bathroom. As such, we have specifically developed the Ambience to enable users to change their lighting temperature to match their bathroom setting – whether opting for cool white for a crisp, fresh look or warm white for a softer setting – and anywhere in between.

“Added to this, Ambience boasts sleek good looks and a contemporary appeal – guaranteed to make it the ‘go-to’ mirror of choice for consumers wanting to add the perfect ambience to their bathroom design.”

For further information please visit
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