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MOGG - Contract Furniture Store

Be inspired with MOGG at the Contract Furniture Store

643 427 Daniel Fountain

MOGG was born from the desire of its founder, the architect Nicola Galbiati. With a long experience in the world of furniture and design, Galbiati has said his intention is to move away from a world saturated with commercial furniture and is proud to describe many of Mogg’s products as pieces that won’t blend in.

In essence that is MOGG! MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects)…

Mogg is a relatively new Italian company which was set up by Nicola, who wanted to work with a team of other architects, designers and architects. He calls them his “partners with vision – crazy dreamers” and together they want to create pieces that cross the boundary between art and design.

MOGG has a soul and a well-defined identity; fresh and curious that wants to surprise you, looking for people that with their visions, with their enthusiasm, their work and their perceptions to love the new and modern concept of living.

Browse the latest brochure split into three parts from Mogg, Furniture Objects, where each product has it’s own history.

For further details, please contact the Contract Furniture Store

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Scanal - Contract Furniture Store - Enigma Collection

New Enigma collection decoded at the Contract Furniture Store

750 452 Daniel Fountain

Sancal presented six new products and one concept set, against enthralling scenography, specially devised for this year’s Salone del Mobile Milano.

Deep, Isla, Magnum, Beetle, Tortuga Mini, Pion Petra and Estante comprise the Enigma Collection; the firm’s most theatrical to date.

And of course, the visual impact wouldn’t be the same without the bizarre collages of Sammy Slabbinck!

Decode Enigma and more here

T: +44 (0)1785 594378
E: sales@contractfurniturestore.co.uk
W: www.contractfurniturestore.co.uk

No Rock Even-stable table technology from Contract Furniture Store

Product Spotlight: No-Rock – self-stabilising even table bases from Contract Furniture Store

750 420 Daniel Fountain

Contract Furniture StoreContract Furniture Store, a leading online specialist supplier of luxury hotel, office and restaurant furniture. With more than 100 different European brands and more than 4,000 products they are dedicated to delivering the highest quality modern affordable furniture for their clients.

Their team of dedicated designers ensure that their modern furniture is unique, bespoke and highly comfortable. Their meticulous attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship combined with the latest cutting edge technology makes them an industry-leading provider of modern and affordable commercial furniture.

One of their latest creations, No-Rock, provides an unrivalled Even-solution to table instability. Meeting the everyday needs of cafes and restaurants, No-Rock Even table bases self-stabilise on uneven indoor and al fresco surfaces, while exhibiting an innovative and contemporary design aesthetic.

No wedges, no wobbles, no worries. Explore our No-Rock Even range available for quick shipment now

T: +44 (0)1785 594378
E: sales@contractfurniturestore.co.uk
W: www.contractfurniturestore.co.uk